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Dear Sir/Madam, 

Hope this mail reaches you in good health. Happy new year to you and your family. 

I have quick question regarding H4 EAD renewal. 

I am in my 9th year H1B visa and got my I-140 approved through Employer A. Then I changed my job and now I am with Employer B. When I checked with my previous Employer A last week they said that they did NOT withdraw my approved I-140. 

My question is that can I apply for H4 EAD renewal for my wife based on my approved i-140 through previous employer (Employer A)? will I get any issues because I am no longer with Employer A ? or should I have to apply for H4 EAD renewal based on AC21 eligibility (more than 6 years in H1b)? 

You suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you very much. 

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I am in a similar scenario. 

- I have approved I-140 from Employer A and my wife is on H4-EAD. 

- My 6 year on H1 is completing in Oct 2017. 

- I have an offer from Employer B who is ready to file for my H1 extension and green card right away. 

Please advise 

- Will my Spouse be able to continue her H4-EAD based on Employer A approved i-140 or because of me being on H1 for 6 years. 

Need to understand and guidance on the topic. 

Thank you for the help, 


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As long as you have a valid I 140 approved, even though you have it with your previous employer, you will get H4 EAD, but you need to send the precious employer I 140 docs to your attorney to have it filed with USCIS, to get H4 EAD.


Good Luck

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