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Current Spouse's Present Home Address

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I am applying for citizenship, my spouse and kids are living in India currently and they wont be back for an year. My kids are US born citizens and my spouse has a GC. I am applying citizenship only for myself. In the application Part No 10 - F its asking for current spouse's present home address, should I give Indian address? or US address?

In the Document Checklist its asking for

If you have a dependent spouse or child(ren) who do not live with you, send:
Any court or government order to provide financial support; and
Evidence of your financial support (including evidence that you have complied with any court or government order), such as:
a. Cancelled checks;
b. Money and receipts;
c. A court or agency printout of child support payments;
d. Evidence of wage garnishments;
e. A letter from the parent or guardian who cares for your child(ren).

If I give Indian address then how can I provide any of the above?

Thanks in Advance.


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Just prepare a letter explaining how you are providing for them in India (detailing what arrangements you have made to take care of them in India) so that they can be deemed your dependents, or better consult an experienced immigration attorney on crafting a response.

On an unrelated note, you mentioned your kids are US citizens which is fine they can be out of the US for extended time, but your GC Wife is not supposed to be out of United States for over 6 months with out an approved Parole, I hope you have taken care of that, otherwise she will be considered deserting the residency in US.

Good Luck with your Citizenship application.

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