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stamping at matamoros 7th Dec

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HI Guys,

I asc was on 6th and interview on 7th, Went for asc its bit hectic on that day, done with finger prints, there was a queue on that day close to about 40-50 applicants.


Next on 7th morning went to the visa interview and left my articles with the agent who took us. waited in the queue for about 10 minutes, done with security check and proceeded towards seating area. there were couple of windows still not opened, only one was opened by that time it was 820 am.Me and my other 2 friends went in at the same time.

All of a sudden all the windows started to open up. I went into one of them when i was told.

1) Wished him good morning.He replied it

2) asked for 797 and passport. He started to see my passport, asked which one is the latest as i had old and new

3) then was viewing 797 and asked me so you work for Cognizant and i replied yes

4) asked about the client told Verizon.

5) He was not able to hear me, and says u got to speak up louder, as even my other peer in that counter should hear you(He has good sense of humor ) , he kept on typing into his system

6) asked about my current job location, told him as per LCA as it was another  small city in tampa, then he was confused, and told them its another city in tampa, he said "oh" , tampa florida. (Better tell as per lca, all your details including city, title...etc everything. if there is a variation in salary ask for u r lawyer, but i told my offer letters compensation)

7) how much do you make up yearly replied 100k but my lca was about 62k only. I told him my offer letter compensation for this. He didn't replied  and kept on typing

8) and then last told me to collect the passport at about 3 by showing up my other ID proof , if the printing may be done by that time but told be prepared for next day. better guys dont book you return fare, as my friend had got it next day afternoon by 3 pm, this happens for few.

9)Land based immigration takes time and they make you wait for an hour  as they are on their own, not like the airport immigration (there is no asap) so you guys cant make it for last flight and i missed it took a  hotel in Brownsville for that day and left in the early morning flight

that's it



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If i pay the MRV fee, can i schedule and re-schedule to any consulate in mexico or i can only use it for one location?

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10 hours ago, divi said:


If i pay the MRV fee, can i schedule and re-schedule to any consulate in mexico or i can only use it for one location?

you would have once chance to book the appointment and another to reschedule i guess, ya you could change the consulate to, see the information in the US mex visa portal

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