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DHS Alleged Violation Airport Baggage Check - Part 12, Q23

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I need some advice on how to handle and address this during my Naturalization application regarding Part 12, Question 23.

4 Years back, while travelling back to US, during routine checks of baggage via Scanner, i was asked to open one of my baggage.

The Officer found the following in my baggage and issued me a "Notice of Alleged Violation" for failing to declare Prohibited Ruminant (Dried Meat) and raw Peanuts.

I clearly did not think on these items and agreed on my mistake and requested the officer to issue a warning.

But the officer insisted i need to pay a Fine for the violation. So, i have paid a fine of $175 and agreed to full time settlement.

This was the first time i was travelling to US since first time i came to US and a mistake on my part.

Now, my request is, should i be answering to  Part 12, Question 23 as Yes and provide an explanation on what happened?

Do you think this will have any bad impact on my naturalization application? 

Please advice.


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Thanks for your reply. Is there any format of the explanation letter? I am planning to have the below information in my letter:


1. A Number

2. N-400 Question Number this explanation relates to

3. Date of Letter

4. Incident Date

5. Explanation of what exactly happened.

6. Copy of the violation document given to me at the airport.

7. Sign the Document


Is this enough? Should i address my letter to USCIS Office i am mailing my N-400 application to?



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