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DUI case dismissed or not? Please advise

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Last year I got DWI, hired criminal lawyer and immigration lawyer.

I have 2 different case, one is administrative process (with department of revenue) and other one is with municipal court.

The outcome on the administrative process is dismissed. So I thought the same thing will happen at municipal court. But the municipal court outcome came as 'reckless driving' with no points. Criminal attorney mentioned that your DWI will not show up in the records.

Now the question is

1. I need to file for H1 extension, what I need to mention in the form? Is it safe to say "got arrested for DWI, but case dismissed"?
2. Also why there 2 different cases, administrative and municipal court?
3. I already told to my employer that got DWI but case dismissed. Due to municipal court outcome, again I need to inform that case got reduced to 'reckless driving'.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

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1)No, They dont ask that for extension . Nor will extension be an issue.

2)For dui the first step is administrative suspension where dmv suspends your license even before court orders it . Guilty before proven guilty . The second is the usual court punishment

3)No need to inform them again but it your call.It is not required till you apply for GC(before GC is issued) 

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