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I have a weird situation. I am an IT professional with close to 12 years of experience. I have multiple professional and advanced professional level certifications in the technology that I work on. I've been to the USA in 2009 and stayed for 11 months and came back to India. I am a BCA graduate. I have an offer from a US employer and they have agreed to re-capture the unused 5 years quota in my previous H1B. During credential evaluation I've got into a problem. The university where I have completed my graduation is no longer functioning and its not listed in any of the commissioning boards list like UGC, AICTE or WHED databases. The immigration lawyer raised concerns and my processing was stopped. This was not a problem back in 2008 when my first H1 was filed.

Fortunately, the US employer is ready to file H1 once I complete my 12 years of experience which is in March 2017.

My questions -

1. What are the chances of getting H1 approved without having a degree and merely completing 12 years of experience?

2. My first H1 petition has my degree qualification on the file, so will that have an effect in re-initiating the same H1 now without showing my degree?

3. If approved, having experience in latest IT technologies what is my survival and job opportunity stance in the USA without a degree? Will the employers offer jobs for professionals without a degree or will it take a toll on my compensation?




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this is not any official advice but you should talk to an immigration attorney to see if you would be able to contact a credential evaluation company that would review your coursework by either syllabus and transcripts of your classes taken in addition to all the work experience that you have. Please look to have an Education + Work experience credential evaluation done.

information used for old approved H1 petitions does not mean a renewal or new application would be approved with the same information.

having a four year degree or an equivalent to US bachelors degree (based on credential evaluation) would be important for any future employment as well as I am sure compensation/qualification for many (not all) IT positions would be dependent on this. 

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if you have previous education evaluation certificate with you, then submit the same to your attorney

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