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How to apply Citizenship for Indian Born Kid(14yrs) with Parents Eligible for Citizenship

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Both parents are eligible to apply for Citizenship(will proceed to submit N400).  Can some one please clarify the application process for Citizenship for the kid who is 14yrs old right now, but was born in India and already have Permanent Residency(Green card) for more than 5 years.

I hear 2 paths:

1. Parents first get the Citizenship and no need to apply for kid. After Parent's get the Citizenship, then apply Passport for kid along with parents at Post Office before kid turn into 18yrs.

2. Along with parents's N-400, Kid also submit Citizen ship application by N-600.


Not sure which is right process, can some one please suggest the correct application for process Kid who is born in India, and now parents are eligible for Citizenship.


Thanks in advance,


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Path 1, you can also file N-600 once you both are naturalized citizens in abundance of caution so that your kid also has a certificate of citizenship, but again not required his/her passport and ssn would be certification enough.

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Thanks Shandan! My wife and myself had oath Tuesday 19th September, and we are planning to apply for Passport for my self and my wife at the end of Oath ceremony. Whats recommended procedure for applying my kid's passport.....(1) should we take our kid to Oath ceremony and apply for my son's passport at Oath center itself OR (2) apply at post office once we come back from Oath center? Please suggest.

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