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Ottawa Successful Stamping Oct 24th - Renewal

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Ottawa Successful Stamping - Oct 24th

Thanks to this forum and everyone who have posted their experiences in the past. My time to put my two cents in. I’ll try to share/suggest certain details which may help you.

 Interview Date: October 24th || 9:30 AM|| Ottawa Consulate

Accommodation: there are many places to stay near the US Consulate, depending on your preference. I stayed at DaysInn, the rate for the hotel varies between $95-$105 USD for a night depending which room you book. Suggestion: Try to use your credit card which does not incur any foreign transaction charges. Because the hotel will charge your card in CAD.

Commute from the Ottawa Airport to the Hotel/Downtown/Us Consulate:  You will have two options or choices

 1. Uber/Cab - The uber/cab fare will vary from $25 to $35 CAD

2. Bus - $3.65 CAD from the Bus stop to downtown (Rideau Center)

I took the bus since I had time on my hands and wanted to save expenses too. So as soon as you as you are in the arrivals, you can go the information desk and tell them that you need the bus to downtown, they will give you the bus ticket and soon as you exit the airport the bus stop is hardly few steps in the opposite lane, the bus schedule is posted on the bus stop so you know when will your next bus arrive if you have missed the previous bus, there is a bus every 20 mins. You will take bus number 97 to the downtown (Rideau center) and the same bus when return to the airport. Suggestion: Work with your cell phone carrier (T-Mobile customers are in luck here) before you arrive so that your data plan is working when you come to Ottawa. The data plan (google maps) will come in handy when you have to walk to the hotel depending which hotel you choose. On an average most of the hotels are 15 minute walking distance.



VO: Good Morning!

Me: Good Morning!

VO: What do you do?

Me: I am an Analyst and told my responsibilities.

VO: How many people from your company (my employer) work at the client location?

Me: Told

VO: who is your client?

Me: Told

VO: what does your client do?

Me: Told

VO: Ok you visa is approved and you will get an email.

Me: Thank You!


No documents were asked. I wish each one of you best wishes and I can also imagine the stress some of you may have, prepare (take all relevant documents) and smile with confidence.










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Thanks for posting and sharing your experience with us. Any suggestion about flights from NJ to Ottawa ?

When did you get your passport back ? how many days ?

How was the experience at POE USA & Canada ?

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  • It takes three business days to get your passport back.
  • Flights I am not sure, based on your preference, non-stop/cheapest. I did not come from NJ so cannot really comment on it.
  • the customs at Canada will ask you for your purpose of Visit, you can safely say you are here for stamping show your itinerary and hotel accommodation. 

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