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STEM-OPT eligibility for STEM degree after completing a non-STEM degree

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I am currently holding an H1B visa status while studying part-time but I plan on to change my status into full time F-1 student visa.

Previously I did my PhD from an US University but on a non-STEM subject – so my OPT was only for 12 months before I converted into H1B.

My current subject is STEM eligible – and I am studying at the masters’ level.

My question is –

1.       Am I eligible for OPT after finishing my study in this new F1?

2.       If yes, am I also eligible for OPT extension under STEM guidelines?

3.       And lastly, if I decide to do a PhD later in this subject would I be granted another round of OPT extension based on higher academic level achievement?  

This problem is kind of unique in its nature, and I would appreciate your suggestion or opinion on this.



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Pretty sure you are not eligible for another OPT. Certainly not for masters as it would a lower level of academic achievement and probably not even for a phd as it would be the same level of academic achievement as what you did earlier .

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A new OPT would only be possible for a higher degree. Since there is no degree higher than a PhD, you can not get a new OPT, ever.


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Thank you GUYS  for the clarification on this - but since my previous PhD was NOT in STEM category should it count against my current degree? Sorry  this has been little confusing for me to figure out by myself - your help is greatly appreciated. 

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It is irrelevant in what category the PhD was. Once OPT has been used, it can only be applied again for a HIGHER degree. And there is no higher degree than a PhD, so you will never again get OPT. It is THAT simple.


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