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Vancour visa appointment

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There were a lot of people who had no issues. The process was smooth with the VO asking typical questions -

1. Who do you work for? What do you do?

2. For how long?

3. Does your employer pay you on time? Twice a month? How much?

4. Will give you a booklet with your rights as an H1B employee?

5. If you are in EC/EVC model, then questions regarding your client (where, how long, what do you do, location etc).

6. If you work full time for one of the big software companies from Seattle/Portland/Bay area then usually it is a cake walk (unless there is something that applies to you in the link I posted below).

Process flow:

You go to the address, and you will see the address from the road itself, it is just on the East side of the road. Keep your appointment proof, DS160 handy, passport, photo, and I797 handy. If you have isuses with photo, there is a photo booth inside so don't sweat. There are security people and other who will review your docs, right over there. Very friendly people. Follow instructions, get in line, wait your turn. Follow security procedures (somewhat like TSA). You wait for on first counter to get your docs reviewed and put together. You go to next counter and get fingerprinted, and get a number. Finally you sit and wait in the area. They will call your number, escort you to the interview floor. Wait in line till your turn. Finish your interview, then exit. Come down and be on your merry way.

Other things:

1. Do not arrive more than 15 min before your appointment.

2. Do not carry your cell phone etc with you. You will not need it. I heard some say there are lockers, I did not find any. Not worth it.

3. Some of the people responding on the post below might be there. You can message them.

4. If this is an extension or if you do have I140 approved, please take a copy with you. You may need it.

Hopefully you should not have to worry about it, but sharing the Vancouver 221g link.


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