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Spouse did not get GC yet

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Both my spouse and i are working for a very reputed company (same) for more than 7 years. Our PD date is april 2002. My spouse is the primary on GC. We received an email today stating my spouse's GC got approved. Also, she got the appointment for finger prints last week and got the biometrics done.I did not get appointment for FP or interview or anything. Is this a very common situation?

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If any one are in a similar boat......

I did not receive my physical GC yest. Its more than a month. I spoke to Customer Service all the time they say we opened a SR and you need to wait for 30 days. Waste of time. We took infopass and met the officer directly.

First he said your case was not approved.Then he said your case was approved and they mailed the GC to your address some how its lost. They told me to open I90 form or something stating that my card was lost.

My advise to anyone who did not receive the GC after receving the email that GC was approved.

OPEN SR right away dont wait 30 days. Take infopass and see the officer.

Bad news is my spouse had no status change, no email, no communication nothing.

The officer at the infopass mentioned they want to get your FP but they found no appointments so they have not send you a letter yet.

I got a FP notice in June but spouse never got a notice. I really dont understand why they would seperate the primary and secondry on the case

If you got ur GC without FP consider you are very lucky. We gave our interview and FP in 2009. There are so many people who did not give FP since past 3 years or are in India but GC is approved. We have been here for more than 9 years and our bullitien was current in June.

June passed, July almost passed no hope for next 6 months. One unlucky case.

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Finally got our GC's yesterday.

Our file moved all around the country...all the service centers and local office where we were interviewed by the adjudicated officer. Since visa numbers were not available...they could not issue us GC's then (2009). When our file moved to TEXAS SC, and the visa numbers were available, we were expecting GC. But some signature was missing in the file and the officer who interviewed us at the local office was no longer with USCIS.

We took couple of info pass appointments and every time we called the Service centre we would get different answers. Finally one officer at the info pass really helped us.

What an adventurous journey. Good luck to you all.

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