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visitor visa ( Parents different surname )

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I am applying for visitor visa for my mother, Brother & sister in law. and I am sponsoring them completely for trip ( I134 form)

My parents use different surname (cast : Maheshwari ) and we use different surname (Dhuth )

My parent's all documents there surname is Maheshwari and in all of us surname is Dhuth in some document  &  Maheshwari in some documents.

      Question 1 My Brother & sister in law will face any problem during visa ? because my brother's passport my father surname is  Dhuth. 

o   Do we need to make affidavit that my parents are know with 2 names ? where i can find format which is accepted by US consulate ?

o   If affidavit  will not work then what document we need to avoid issue  my parents surname is different in different document of my brother ?



Question 2 : Due to different surname, I am planning to take different appointment for my mother and My brother's family ? do you think this is good idea ?  or I can take one appointment for all of them to avoid my mother to prepare for interview, as she is in her 70's and she forget things ?

·         Question 3  Can you please suggest some interview questions or site  where I can get questions asked during visitor's visa interview ? as my mother is in 70's , and she don't have all the new exposure and she forget things.

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