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Employer Verification docs for I-140 Processing - Time off for 5 months for sick leave (accident)

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Hello Murthy Forum Members,

I got a question about the "Employer Verification docs for I-140 Processing".

My current employer Initiated the Green Card Processing few months ago and filed for Labour last month. Now I am in processing of collecting all of my past "Employer Verification" docs for I-140 Processing. Regarding that process I got a question, While I was working with an employer back in 2010 I met a very bad car accident in October 2010 and got bed ridden for couple of months and I am off the project at that time as I cant come in to work. I was bed ridden for couple of months but however I had to made medical visits twice every week until March 2011. I was off projects during that whole time. So technically I dont have pay checks for 5 months as I was off of project and I have to visit Hospital every three days.

So, the question comes here: When I asked my ex-employer the Employer Verification Letter and he said that he can provide me the letter saying that I worked with his company until October 2010 as he can show the pay checks until that point and also he said that USCIS reaching out to Ex-Employers about the Employees Employment details once they file for I-140. 

So what is the best way to provide documentation for my I-140 processing for this scenario as my Ex-Employer cant provide a letter saying that I worked with his company for those 5 Months? I can get the medical records explaining my situation, but not sure whats the right procedure here.. Do we need a letter from employer saying that I (Employee) met an accident and he is completely bed ridden and cant work..! Don't know how to proceed here folks..

Appreciate any inputs here people..




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If you have a doctor's letter that you were unable to work you should be ok.

Consult with an immigration lawyer.

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