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Emergency visa appointment needed/ other options

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Hello guys,

I had to travel to india immediately as my father passed away , very unfortunate . Also, i don't have a h-1b visa stamping with my current employer, so have to go for visa stamping, but, the dates, confirmation I got in Hyderabad is Jan 17 , 2017. I came today sep 9th, 2016 to Hyderabad. I have to take of my current responsibilities of my father but have to return back to US in a month atleast. Have wife, job back in US so have to head back eventually and can't wait till January.

I would like to know if I can apply for an emergency appointment. I asked vfs center and they suggested to request consulate. I would like to know if any one experience such emergency situation. 

Please suggest all other options too that are available.

I don't have time to go to Canada or Mexico, neither I have Canada visa or Mexico visa. 

It's very bad that the appointment are delayed so much and it's hard for people to even try.

thanks in advance for any helpful info.









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So sorry to hear about your loss, stay strong. There are dates available at other locations in India - try Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkatta and New Delhi. What you spend to fly to other cities is much less than getting stuck till January. And like others have told you, keep looking or if you are too busy, ask one of your friends to keep looking constantly for available dates.  

As for the emergency request, I found a website which atleast gives some insight into the procedure, beware that the below link is only for F, J and M type visas, but i'm assuming the procedure should be similar for H1 visas as well:


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Hi Rohit, Sorry about your loss. I believe if you have a valid stamp you won't need another stamp even if you have changed employers as long as your status is valid, talk to your HR dept. A friend went to India right after changing employers and he came back with old stamp.

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