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EB1 eligibility with Patents, Books and few publications

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I work as a director in a technology company. Just changed my company, which allows to re-file my GC and capturing old I-140.


While filing for new GC, I was wondering if I qualify for EB1?


1. I have 16 patents filed, 5 granted so far and remaining to be granted. Few citations for each granted patent.

2. I have published two books  - selling on Amazon. 3rd one will be published in a month.

3. Written few white papers, published on ip.com (they are not like journals, more of white papers).

4. Can get letters from GM/Fellow/DEs of big technology companies, proving my technical worth.

5. Part of industry leading committees (but not leading them)


Just want to know if this is something eligible for EB1?


Thank you in advance folks.. 

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I think you will quality. Easiest way to check this is to go to USCIS website and look at 9 criteria for EB-1 EA category. You need to qualify for atleast 3 obviously more are better. If you are director then you can possibly claim the higher wage then rest of the people which is one of the criteria. Get good recommendation letters. White papers are OK, there is nowhere it says that you have to have a journal paper. Don't think too much just do it would be my advise. Focus on two things and two things only (1) qualify for as many criteria as possible out of 9 (2) Substantiate each of the criteria with facts/awards/any publications/recommendations as you can. Best of luck 

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