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H1-B Visa Stamp in India ( Dec 16)

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So this is my scenario. I currently work for employer "A" for last 11 months. I quit my previous employer "B"  last year, and have H-1 stamp (interviewed in Nov 2014) for "B",which is still valid until 2017.

I had plans to got to India later this year, and was thinking to get H1 stamped for my current employer (" A " ). When I went in on the consular website to schedule my appointment (Mumbai - location), after reviewing all the info, and answering all the questions it was informed that I am eligible for drop-box facility.

I am extremely confused and don't want to take a chance regarding wherein I go the consulate and later on I am told you have to appear for the 2 day standard interview process.


I emailed the consular office and they did not give a clear answer saying we can't comment on a specific case.


 How should I approach this  ?




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Ok, but when I login, fill up all the information and answer the questions that are asked, it says you qualify for the drop box submission. I can't even get to the screen where I can select interview dates and schedule my interview ( biometric and interview).

What's going on here? I have heard similar stories.

How to approach this case?

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  1. You have to go for a in-person interview since your current petition is from a new employer.

You are eligible for a new visa if your current visa validity remaining is less than 6 months. 

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But still it does not clear my concern on the appointment scheduling.


The website does not show me available dates/times, since on the previous page it tell me I am eligible for drop box.


So even though I need an in person interview, how do schedule it without option to look at available dates ?

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