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Calling all 221g in Ottawa

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On 3/9/2018 at 2:34 PM, Ottawa H4 221g said:

No I have not get it back it. case status is still showing admin processing but case update date got changed to today. I sent the passport on wednesday and it was deliveed yestersday around noon.

@Ottawa H4 221g How did you know your passport was delivered? I do not see the tracking info from Canada post receipt. 

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20 hours ago, OttawaH-1B said:

@tomarmk Do you think we would get our PPs tomorrow? My case is updated today but status still says "admin processing" 

Hi Actually i got my passport Thursday  and returned back to home Yesterday itself.  

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1 hour ago, tomarmk said:

Hi Actually i got my passport Thursday  and returned back to home Yesterday itself.  

@tomarmk That is great! How did you get it so fast? My visa status just changed to "Issued" this morning and I did not get the tracking info yet.

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I have been waiting for a decision on my 221g. If others in similar situation could post their info as well, it might help. My details are as below

1)  Interview date & Time: 20th November 2018

2. Case created / Status update:   Created: 16th November 2018, Updated: 20th November 2018

3. # of working days so far: 6 days (after response was sent)

4. Consulate kept any docs : None

5. Consulate kept Passport : No

6. VO comment: You have exhausted 6 years on H1B. I need to see your I-140. 

7. Color of 221g : Yellow

8. Any other info would like to share: I kept telling her that my 6 years on H1B were not exhausted. She insisted that she needed to see my I-140 to see whether my petition is valid. My attorney sent her a response summarizing that I have been on H1B from 10/01/2013 and was on H4 for 6 months. He also showed that I traveled many times in and out of the US and that my petition validity date of June 2020 should make sense. The response was sent on November 22, 2018

9. Still in CANADA ?? Yes

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Hi Anmol.aggie,

Sorry that you received 221G, I also got Blue Slip at Ottawa, how long did it take to get approval from the embassy to submit passport?


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Hello everyone,

this Monday I had my renewal F1 visa appointment at the US in Ottawa. I got the 122g blue one. 

I am PhD student (3 year) and it is the first time I get into this situation. The officer kindly told me that the process would take between 2 to 4 weeks. I don’t have enough funding to wait here that long. She said I can wait in a third country. I have free flight tikect to France where I’m going to be waiting patiently. Does anybody here can explain why We get this 122g? 


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