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DS160 location and stamping location

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It will be better to submit a new DS-160 with the accurate information.


1. Retrieve your form

2. Make necessary changes.

3. Take a print out of all the pages before submission for your copy.

4. Submit the DS-160 and get a new confirmation number.

5. Email canada@ustraveldocs.com with a request to update your confirmation number. Try calling consulate as well with this request.

6. If this does not work, carry both the old and new confirmation to the visa appointment. During the biometrics, request the officer to replace the old confirmation with the new confirmation.


Let me know if this helps.



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 I had the similar issue, I filled my first DS160 with Toronto as the interview location and later on realized after checking the Canadian visa website that no dates were available till Jan 2017 and I took Ottawa as the location instead.


I called up the Canadian US visa support center and was told that I should do a new DS160 and I can write an email to them as ask them to update my new DS160 number which they did. 

But, when I went for the interview the officer at the post had my earlier DS160 and it caused lot of confusion for them as they had to change things manually in system. So they were not that happy about and ofcourse not a situation that I would like to be in as they had to then check both my DS160 and might be the reason for administrative processing. I was given 221g and the officer at post dint gave me any reason. But I assume this could be one. I am still waiting for their reply. SO I would suggest not to do these changes atleast for canada. Its not helpful. 

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Thanks or the information. Your web site has updated DS160 number after emailing them?


How many days it took to reflect on the applicant page.

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