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I-94 expires before Visa or i797B expires

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I just recently landed in US on H1B. 

1. My stamp visa and/or i797B expires on Dec 2017

2. But during my PoE at Abhudhabi, i797 issues only till Jan 2017. (Just 6 months duration validity)

3. I have not changed my employer. Its the same employer who sponsered my visa. 

My concerns are

1. Do I need to go back out of US and re enter through one of PoE to get I94 extension as per Visa validity?

2. Can i do the same without going out of US 

3. Any other suggestions please. 

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I have a similar issue. My I-94 is expiring on the 29Jun2016 - passport expiry date. 797 is valid till 01Sep2017. I have a renewed passport and when I contacted the local CBP, they told me that they cannot update the I-94 but I will still be in legal status beyond the 29th since my 797 has an I-94 validity till 2017. Please advise.



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The I94 you got on last entry is controlling unless any extension was approved after that. You NEED to inform your company ASAP and have the lawyer involved. The company will not take kindly to future problems. Always a good idea to post your own thread with relevant specifics as messaging tends to confuse the issue.

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