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  1. Did USCIS Give any explanation for rejection or was this mail room rejection?
  2. What is your Education Qualifications? Do you have previous working experience? Who is the client? Do you have your tax returns,w2? Tell me about your the Company you work for (Good to carry - Companies Documents, provided by employer (companies w2, employee list, etc..)) Do you have your I-129? Do you have your college certificates? Where do u live? Is your work and client location is in the same place?
  3. I have interview in Jamaica on Aug 14th. does any one have on the same day ?
  4. sevuganh

    JAMAICA-stamping successful

    pradeepashiliis the passport available for pickup ontime? or are there some delays?
  5. Jamaica has July 25th+ No, you cannot transfer an appointment / fee paid in Jamaica to Canada. There is no direct way, just call email CSC Support, and request them to transfer it from Canada to Jamaica, and they will be able to do it. Again, fee paid for Canada is still valid for 1 year, and can be used for any future appointments.
  6. sevuganh

    Stamping in Bahamas

    Bahamas has restrictions for H1B Stamping and following condition is given on http://nassau.usembassy.gov/tcn.html "Petition-based F1, H1B, J1, L1, M1, O1, P1, P2, P3, and R1 renewals, only when initial adjudication was conducted in applicant’s home country" My first H1B visa was stamped in my home country, after which I transferred H1B to another employer. I haven't gone for Visa Stamp after transferring my visa to current employer. My current employer applied for extension/renewal recently. So does this qualify me in this case to go to Bahamas for Visa Stamping?
  7. sevuganh

    Travel to Bahamas for Visa Stamping

    I am a Third Country National, and travelling on vacation to Bahamas. Found the link: http://nassau.usembassy.gov/tcn.html which described about only select visa categories are eligible. "Petition-based F1, H1B, J1, L1, M1, O1, P1, P2, P3, and R1 renewals, only when initial adjudication was conducted in applicant’s home country" Question: My first H1B Visa Stamp was provided in my Home Country. And I transferred my H1B to my current company after which I haven't gone for Stamping. My transferred I-797 expired and it was renewed / extended recently. In this case, am I eligible to get Visa Stamped in Bahamas?
  8. My employer applied for PWD, and got back a reply with salary higher than my current salary. PERM Application - I-140 was approved with obtained PWD, and my H1B was extended. This PERM was for my current position. Should my employer pay me the salary on PWD? If so from when should he pay? - After H1B Extension obtained after PWD was obtained from DOL ? or - After obtaining PWD? or - After I-140 Approval? or - After I-485 Approval? or - After getting EAD? or - After getting Green Card?
  9. Yes, I was working on CPT. Then I was working in OPT.
  10. My OPT Date was from Jan 1st 2007 till Dec 31st 2007. But my Employer has stated on my Experience letter as Dec 2006 till Dec 2007. On my PERM application date is given as Dec 2006 till Dec 2007, since its stated like that on Experience letter. Could this trigger an RFE?
  11. sevuganh

    Experience Letter

    On H1B I started working for my new employer on Dec 21st. My last day at my old employer was Dec 20th. So from Dec 21st onward I worked full time for my new employer. My Old employer, considered Dec 21st, Dec 22nd Dec 23rd as vacation dates, and gave experience letter that my last day as Dec 23rd. So, if we go by Experience letter, I had worked till Dec 23rd for my old employer. But, per my new employer i started working on Dec 21st. Would this cause an issue in PERM?
  12. My current employer requires 4 weeks notice, and has a clause in employee handbook that, its company's choice to pay me during those 4 weeks notice period. 1) Is it save to give 4 weeks notice to my current company only after I get my EAC receipt number for H1B Transfer? 2) If my current company does not pay , even if I worked for them 4 weeks full time, is it legal on their part to do such a thing? I think employer should pay H1B Employee per agreed salary on I-797. But can such a clause on employee handbook, can make them not to pay during those 4 weeks? 3) If in case I do not get paid during those 4 weeks, though I work for my current company will I become out of status?