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  1. Hi, I have scheduled the visa in person interview (including family) though I am eligible for drop box. I chose to do this because my kid is not eligible for Dropbox (under 14 age) until both parents get stamping. Will there be an issue/questions if I attend the interview when eligible for Dropbox?
  2. rajah.m

    H1B NOIR for previously approved petition

    Thanks for the reply.
  3. Hi, I was working for Company A and my H1B extension was Approved on Premium Sep 2021. I moved to Company B on Dec 2021, my H1B transfer petition was approved and currently working with them. Meanwhile, one USCIS repersentative did a site visit to me with my previous extension petition details (with Company A) on Jan 2022. All the details requested during in-person visit and email were submitted by the client & previous employer (Company A). I had also informed to representative that that I moved to company B and was given the approved company B's transfer petition. Today, (Apr 2022) I noticed that my previously approved extension petition (with Company A) is moved to "Notice Of Intent to Revoke (NOIR)". 1. May I know what this status means? 2. Will it become any problem with my current employment and future H1B extensions/GC/Visa Stamping? 3. What are the options to resolve this? Thanks
  4. rajah.m

    Usage of approved PWD

    Hi, I am yet to initiate the GC process and one of the employer mentioned that the they already have some approved PWDs and Job ads which are matching with my roles and so they can move on with PERM step. Is this allowed legally? Does the PWD form contain names of the candidate and should it be approved specific to him on the specified roles?
  5. Hi, My petition was filed on Jul 21,2021 and I am unable to track my status in USCIS site. It gave the error as an Invalid receipt number. But the details are correct against the receipt. I called the helpdesk and waited for 1 hr in the call and finally they said they cannot inform the details to applicant and petitioner only can get the details. May i know what's the reason for not able to track status in USCIS site? Thanks in advance.
  6. Currently I am in India and I have a valid H1B with Employer E1 and working for client C1 with C1 as the client location in LCA. I had applied for H1B amendment for client C2 and later withdrawn my amendment petition. Now I got an opportunity to work for client C3 under the same employer E1 but for the client C3 which is located in different location. But client C3 is fine to work remotely from where ever I am allowed to work (which is near by client C1 location). Now I am planning my travel and not sure whether there will be any legal issue if I work for client C3 from client C1's near by location under the same employer E1. Please confirm.
  7. Hi, I have left with 3 years on my H1 period. Currently I am in India. I returned from US, 2 years back. Now I am planning to process the visa in L1A/H1. Which is the best to choose? L1A or H1B? Will I get 7 years validity if I travel in L1A? Thanks in Advance