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  1. Hi there, can you share me how did you file it on your own. I got a denial and my wife's got approved. I got denied as I over stayed in India after interview as I need to go for a medical condition. serious.. knee injury.. i got my renewed H4.. but in the meanwhile they approved my wife.. (she was in US then).. since I am in India , they though I have abandoned the country and my visa was expired.. ..but got it stamped.. like Jan 28th i got rejected.. jan 30 my h4 got stamped.. even though its not valid.. 


    can we do MTR on oour own. can you show me the template.. apart form I290B, what else to show.. medical records.. is there a format or template?

  2. Hi Schthi,

    Can you send me the template you used for filing the I-290B for your wife's I-485 to be reopened. I am in the same boat as you were. Also, was your wife able to stay here after the I-485 was denied and during the filing and processing of the I-290B?

    Thanks and much obliged.

  3. Folks, My wife's I-485 was denied in August 2017. I'm very happy to share that the I-290B (Notice of Appeal or Motion) we filed has been accepted, and her I-485 approved. We did it ourselves, paying only the I-290B fees of $675 (note that ours was a simpler case - her I-485 was denied due to not submitting sufficient evidence for an RFE - still a scary situation for anyone!). If anyone is in the situation, happy to share details via PM. I can also share the template we used to appeal the re-opening of her case. Timeline: August 2017 - I-485 denied September 2017 - I-290B applied (you have only 30 days from the date of denial notice to appeal) December 2017 - I-485 approved, based on evidence and documents along with the I-290B Cheers.