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  1. Disturbia

    221g Administrative processing

    @PiyushGiri I've been stuck since June 2012 with 221g. Are you working in India now?
  2. Disturbia

    URGENT: Waiting since June 2012

    @ cool420 Thanks, I called DOS, they gave the same status- its under admin processing. I don't know why its taking so much time. Is there a way to request Passport back?
  3. Disturbia

    URGENT: Case number not identified online

    I already mailed VFS with my passport details, they said they would check with US Consulate but no reply yet. WHat I don't understand is how my wife already got her H4 visa approved while mine has been on hold. Can anyone help?
  4. On June 26 I got 221g-white slip when I appeared for H1B visa interview in Hyderabad and was asked to submit documents which I did. I got a reminder phone call from the US Consulate on July 2 to submit a pending document and I did the same day. On July 6, I check the status online using my case# and it showed 'Pending'. Since past 2 days I've been checking the status and it shows my case number is not been identified. Also today my wife appeared for H4 interview today and she got her visa approved. Can someone tell me what this means as my case number is not being identified?
  5. Hi I am going to Hyderabad on June 22 for my marriage and H1B visa stamping. My return ticket is for July 21 back to US. I am trying to book a slot for June 26 for my visa stamping and my marriage is on July 1. AFter I get my marriage certificate in July I plan to go with my wife for her H4 visa. What is better: Should we go together for our visa stamping after marriage or should I go for my H1B visa stamping immediately after I land in India? Does it matter if my H1B visa is in administrative processing, can my wife still appear for her H4 visa interview? Please advise. Thanks!
  6. Hi I'm in the US currently and once I go for my H1B stamping to India and return back here I would find myself a new apartment. How should I answer this question in Travel section on DS160 form: "Address Where You Will Stay in the U.S."" Can I enter an address where I intend to move after I return? Thanks
  7. Should the dates be acoording to paystubs or the date when H1b periood starts?
  8. Hi I am appearing for 1st time stamping for H1B visa in Hyderabad. Please help me fill DS 160 form. For Employment dates, should they be when the employer start paying or will it be H1B approval notice? I got the H1B approval notice starting Oct 1, 2010 as my employer B transferred from employer A and on April 29 -Received h1B receipt notice of employer B and started getting pay from May 3. What dates should I mention on DS160? Should it be May 3 or Oct 1? On Oct 1 I got laid off, and then transferred to F1 (GMAT). Please let me know if I need to add this GMAT cousework on F1 too? Do I need to mention all my previous employment dates? Thanks!
  9. I want to know what I should enter for these questions on DS160 form. I am applying for H1B visa and am currently working in the US. I have direct employer and client model, no layers. What should I enter for: 1) Tax payer I'd 2) US Contact info—-- is it my employer address? 3) was your visa ever denied, cancelled/ revoked? ----first time my F1 was denied due to 214b. Should I mention this? 4) do they ask for photos with employer at interview? Please help me soon, I plan to take appointment for June 26 at hyd.
  10. Disturbia

    urgent: DS 160 form Questions

    Hi cananyone help me with these questions
  11. My friend came to USA on H1B (visa stamped) from an MNC in India; He wants to change his employer, so he would have to transfer his H1b- but if he goes to India , will he need to get his visa stamped again?
  12. Hi, I never went for H1B visa stamping before and I plan to go for it next year. My 3 year H1B visa got over, and I got my new H1B visa approved this June 2011 to Oct 2013 for now. I plan to go in June 2012 for marriage and stamping. How is June next year to take this risk of stamping? I'm preparing for the admin processing delay as well. I need to know what time is best to take this risk of stamping? Will going for stamping ASAP after the approval improve my chances and reduce the admin processing time? Where is stamping recommended now? I would have gone to Hyderabad as its home, but how is Canada for stamping? Experts please advise!
  13. Disturbia

    URGENT: Risk of H1B visa stamping after 4 years?

    All,please let me where H1B stamping for my situation is better?