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  1. I just landed in US on a B1/B2 Visa. The CBP officer at the Port of entry asked me how long I want to stay and I replied 180 days. He then stamped my passport with today's date and the right class B2. However I noticed that the admit until date is blank and the CBP officer didn't write anything on it. I'm not able to get my latest I-94 from the CBP website so I don't know how long I can stay in the country. How do I get this fixed?
  2. My parents are planning to make a trip to visit me. They have previously visited me and they have a B1/B2 visa with the following namesFather's VISALast Name: AAAAA BBBBBGiven Name: CCCC DDDDDMother's VISALast Name: XXXXX YYYYY ZZZZZGiven Name: FNUBoth their visas are valid till 12/2017The above names match their old passport.They recently got their passport renewed in India, and their new passport has the following namesFather's passport:Surname: DDDDDFirst Name: AAAAA BBBBB CCCCMother's passport:Surname: ZZZZFirst Name: XXXXX YYYYYMy concern is the difference in their names between the visa/old passport and new passport. I am not sure how much of an issue this will be at the port of entry. Will they need to get a new visa? Please let me know.
  3. HelloMy Indian passport is expiring soon, Jan 29th 2016 to be precise. I had my H1B renewed while I was in USA in 2015, so I have an approved petition(I-797) and attached I-94 to the petition approval is valid till Sept 2018. I had completely forgotten about it and saw that it was expiring on Jan 29th today. I have already started the passport renewal process and will be submitting my application asap.My concern is that if my passport renewal gets delayed and I get a fresh passport with date of issue after Jan 29th 2016, does it cause any problems with my I-94 or legal H1B status?My immigration attorney told me that I-94 is what governs my legal stay in the US and not my passport, so having a passport expire and getting it renewed will not cause me to go out of status. I wanted to check with folks here if my attorney is correct, or should I leave the county before my passport expires?Kindly let me know.Thanks
  4. My employer filed for my H1B extension and I received the approval notice for that today. I noticed that the paper I-94 attached to me I-797A has a different I-94 number than the one I currently am in the country on. Please read below Brief summary of my travel June 2015: Enter the country with a valid visa stamp till Feb 2016 and I-94 number: xxxxxxxxxx October 2015: Go out of USA Nov 2015: Enter USA with a valid visa stamp till Feb 2016, but this time I-94 number: yyyyyyyyyy, valid till 22nd Feb 2016 Jan 2015: Employer files for H1B extension in premium processing. Employer receives email approval notice from USCIS and informs me the same. I receive hard copy of I-797A today and notice that it is valid from 21st Feb 2016 till 20th Feb 2019, but the paper I-94 number on it is: xxxxxxxxxx, same as the one I received when I entered the country in June 2015, different from my current i94 number yyyyyyyyyy My concern is since the I-94 numbers differ, if I'll go out of status on 22nd Feb 2016, when my current I-94 with number yyyyyyyyyy expires. Company attorney told me that there is no issue as USCIS follows "Last Action rule", as per which the last action for me was the H1B extension approval notice and that my status will remain legal as soon as 21st Feb 2016 kicks in as I have an approved petition from USCIS. Is the attorney right or do I need to take any steps to prevent from any issues? Please help me out.