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  1. I filed for my I485 using my Employment based Green Card. Me and my wife got EAD with Advanced payroll and i485 is still pending. My Wife is willing to travel to India for 3 months. I have few questions related to that, Will there be any issue going out of country for 3 months while the I485 and GC Process is pending? Will there be any issue during the Port of Entry on return? In case of RFE, does she needs to be in country to reply the RFE? Does she needs to be in country during the approval of I485 and GreenCard? Your suggestion will be very helpful?
  2. I have applied for my I485 recently. Is there any limitation of switching jobs while I485 is pending?
  3. Generally for H4 EAD documentation, it required appoved H4 Document right... How to support that document?
  4. Hi, Recently I got my h1b extension. I am planning to apply for H4 extenstion for my wife. Can I apply for H4 extension and H4-EAD at the same time or I need to wait for H4 Receipt and file for her H4 EAD? please suggest. Regards Raghu
  5. Can you please elaborate on filing a cap exempt H1B petition. I am already on my H1b 7+ year extension on my I140 with Company A. I have valid Visa with them till 2017.
  6. Hi, I am working for company A for few years. I recently applied for transfer with company B. I got an RFE and followed by the Denial as well. The Company A has not revoked my H1. Can I join back Company A. I am working for the same end client with Company A and Company B. Can you please suggest what needs to done? Regards RKV
  7. Hi, I have applied for my wife (she is in h4 now) a new H1B visa in April 2013. I have applied for my H1b extenstion last week. I didn't apply for H4 for my wife as I was told applying for H4 will reject her H1b. Today I received a denial for her H1B. Her employer is planning to respond to her denial. Can someone sugest me if it is wise to apply for H4 now? Thank you
  8. My Client is not willing to give the client letter. What are the option I would be having in this case?
  9. Is the client letter required while going to the H$ Stamping?