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  1. SNNY


    Hello All, I got Successfully approved today 09/30/14 at Jamaica. I have appointment at 7 AM and came back by 8:30 AM Only 4 questions asked by young lady on Counter 20. No documents asked. Below are the questions who do u work for how many years what do u do did u do masters what is ur major And gave me a white slip - says visa application is approved. Thanks SNNY
  2. Hello All, Its time for me to share my Visa experience at Jamaica today. My appointment is at 7:00 AM and reached the US Consulate by 6:15 AM and came out around 8:30 AM Questions asked - who do u work for how many years what do u do did u do masters what is ur major
  3. Hi, I too have my appt date on Oct 30th. I have updated my details in profile.
  4. SNNY

    accomodation available in Jamaica from Oct 26 to Oct 31

    Hello I have my appt on 30th Oct. I am also looking for accommodation.
  5. Congrats on your visa. So you have received your passport by Friday afternoon. Because I too have my visa appt on Thursday. So can I expect the passport by Friday noon?
  6. But my client won't provide the client letter. so I am worrying how to handle the situation, if they ask about the client letter.
  7. Hello All, Did anyone went recently to Jamaica for stamping without client letter. Thanks Snny
  8. Any one booked the date on Oct 23rd. SNNY
  9. SNNY

    Visa Dates at Jamaica

    @ Bommer/KKRK/Jaiswal, Thanks for giving me the info. I believe before the website got updated we could able to see when is the next available date (approximate in days) without filling the DS 160. Now this updated website is not showing that one also and it is asking for DS 160 to be filled. Correct me if i am wrong.
  10. SNNY

    Visa Dates at Jamaica

    @ Bommer/kkrk Could you please provide me the link to see the visa dates at Jamaica?
  11. SNNY

    Successful stamping in Jamaica

    Congrats!!... Any 221g's issued on the same day?
  12. SNNY

    Visa Stamping

    Thanks for the Info Jairichi & Rahul...!!!
  13. SNNY

    Visa Stamping

    All, Here is my situation, I have present H1 B valid till Sept 29 2014 and I have applied for extension and got approval for 1 Year. And the new approval H1 B starts from Sept 30 2014 to Sept 29 2015. Can I go for stamping in next couple of months with the new petition? Thanks SNNY
  14. All, Got my Masters degree from Profit University, H1 B approved in Masters CAP for 2 Years in May 2011. And in 2013, I have filed for my H1 Extension got "NOID" saying that - ' the petitioner is not eligible to apply in Masters Cap'. I have taken the help of some attorneys and then answered the Query, finally got approved extension for 1 Year i.e., till September 2014. Now, my question is - I have to file again for my extension in this year... do i need to file a new petition under Regular CAP or can I continue on my previous petition only for my extension. Need suggestions on this please Thanks Sri
  15. SNNY

    Regarding Dates

    You can try checking the site for every half hr ... people might cancel their appointment slots.