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  1. I am in a sticky situation. Me and my wife 485 approved recently. We were are unable to file for my son 485 at the time of our filing. He is 4years old. His 485 filed 4 days after my 485 approval. he got the interview schedule due to 485 concern form. May i know what type of questions they will ask in the interview? Can any one experts advice on this. Thanks
  2. muppala_1234

    H4 visa interview for my wife and kid

    Hi, I am also planning for my wife and son. Could you please let me know if you get any information. Thanks
  3. Hi, I filed my 485 on Dec 2011. My priority date Feb 2008. I received my EAD and Ap. i got FP also. Once received the EAD and AP's . What exactly they verified to get the GC. Is they verify last 5 years employment history ? Any help , i will appreciate . Thanks
  4. muppala_1234

    I-485 Filing for my Son

    Hi Belle and Tusharvk, Thank you for your valuable information . If i can't bring my son to USA , what are the options avaialable. Can i need start the councelor processing after my I 485 approved. May i know how long it takes the processing under 21 years of age. Any help regarding this. Thanks
  5. muppala_1234

    I-485 Filing for my Son

    Hi , I filed I485 for me and my wife in NSC on Dec 15 2011. we received EAD/AP combo cards for both on Feb 13 2012 . My son ( 2 years old ) is in india now . he born in India. I want to include my son into My I485 application now.My Attorney told me , My son can include my I485 application while I 485 is pending and priority date is current . My priority date Feb 14 2008 which is current now. I want to bring my son from India now. If my 485 is approved when my son came to USA within 2 or 3 days.Can i add him into my I 485 application or can i send him to India immdiately. Could you please let me know what are the options available. Can law experts help me regarding this issue. Thanks
  6. muppala_1234

    FP not received

    I still not yet received FP EAD and AP.I filed in Nebraska service center. How to create the SR . Could you please let me know the contact number. Any help appreciate.
  7. muppala_1234

    FP not received

    Hi Experts , I filed my I-485 , 131 and 765 on Dec 15 2011. Still not received any Biometrics. Please let me know what are the options avaiable. Thanks Rao
  8. Hello Law Experts, I am in H1b status . My Labor and I 140 approved . My Priority date is Feb 15,2008 , which is current now . I am eligible for the I485 filing now. I have one child He is in India now. I want to file I485 for my child after 2 months( Feb or Mar 2012). If the priority data is still current after 2 months , can i able to file the I485 for my child. Can someone Law experts help me regarding this issue .. Thanks Muppala