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    14 Months and more waiting

    @arjunmca As far as I know 221g is valid for just 1 year. Did u speak in DOS. What are they saying. I am waiting from past 10 month and I am told my process is in last stage i.e officers review. They are saying 221g needs 2 be complete in 1 year. Please make sure about this. Dont know if they are giving me the wrong information.
  2. simranmal


    Hi Pranavi. Did they tell u that case is under final review ?? My case is pending from past 9 months and after calling DOS I got this information ... Please update
  3. simranmal


    Hi. I am in the same situation. Its been 2 months now after submitting passport. Called DOS and was told my case is under final review. I am waiting for 9 months now. Please update me if u hear something. Thanks
  4. Hello all, I did appear for interview on 11 th jan 2011 at New Delhi Consulate. Got Passport reuest on 25th Aug. Then 15th sept asked new I797. After calling DOS i got to know that my case is under final review. Its been 4 weeks now getting the same response. Waiting since 9 months. I don't know when will this Final Review end. Has anyone face this problem ?? Thanks in advance and hope all get their visa soon !!
  5. Hi all, I did applied for h4 renewal visa on jan 11th 2011 at delhi consulate.. Got 221g with list of docs asked. submitted docs within a week ..phone verification done.. Still waiting..Gonna start my 8th month .. Please update so that we can keep a track..
  6. Hi Shubhani any update on your case ?? I think we try as much as we can still final thing will be to wait wait and wait :-(..I am waiting from past 7 months now ...