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Everything posted by ThirupathiRayudu

  1. ThirupathiRayudu

    H4 Visa stamping

    Hi, Does anybody have H4 visa stamping appointment in next week or the week after in Hyderabad or Chennai? I need some help with Visa stamping assistance. Please respond if you have already appointment booked? Thank you...
  2. ThirupathiRayudu

    H1 Visa dates Hyderabad

    Does anyone know what are the earliest available dates for H1B visa in hyderabad consulate? I want to go for stamping in a week. Can some one please clarify how much time it will take for US visa fees receipt number of axis bank to get activated? It's past 5 hours till receipt not activated. Thanks!
  3. ThirupathiRayudu

    H1 Visa dates Hyderabad

    Hey found Visa dates. Below are available dates as of now: August 20th, 25,26,28 and from sept 1st
  4. ThirupathiRayudu

    Available H1B stamping dates in Hyderabad

    Thanks Vinod for the update... Still if anyone can provide latest available dates it will be helpful Thanks in advance
  5. Does anyone know what are the earliest available dates for H1B visa in hyderabad consulate? I want to go for stamping in couple of weeks. I cannot book the appointment as I am waiting for my H1B amendment. Thanks!
  6. Hi All, My parents are travelling from Hyderabad to Chicago on Feb 7 by AirIndia. If anybody or your family members are travelling on the same day by Air India, please email me thirupathi.uppu@gmail.com or call me at 636-542-0527. This would be really helpful. Thanks in advance Thanks Thirupathi Rayudu
  7. ThirupathiRayudu

    H4 - H1 and H4 - F1 parallel processing

    Hi My Wife is currently on H4 Visa. She want to do Masters to obtain F1 status and then to get H1. As she has prior working experince in india in IT industry i want her to apply for H1. Can we apply for both type of visa paralelly. Please clarify my doubt Thanks in advance.
  8. ThirupathiRayudu

    H4 - H1 and H4 - F1 parallel processing

    Hi, Nobody has replied to my post. Looks like, my question was not clear. Let me restate... My wife came to USA on H4 visa. She wants to pursue her masters so that we can apply for H1B after completing her Masters. As she has 5 years of experience in India, I would like to apply for H1B for this year in April. I am not sure, if this is legal to do, hence the question to the experts in this forum. If she joins a university, she has to apply for H4 to F1 status change as she can get OPT on F1. While the H4 - F1 status chanage is in process, can she apply for H4 to H1next year (2013) April, if we find any employer who can hire her based on her 5 years experience in India? The question in a signle line would be - Can someone apply for the status chnage from H4 to F1 and H4 to H1 simaltaneously? Thanks Thirupathi Rayudu
  9. ThirupathiRayudu

    vISITING Vancover for H1B VISA STAMPING ON April 12th 2012

    Sent you an email. I have appointment on April 10. Thanks h1bxplorer
  10. ThirupathiRayudu

    Successfull Ottawa Stamping

    Could you send me your answers to my email ID, it is - visa dot stamped at gmail extension. Thanks in advance. Thanks h1bxplorer
  11. ThirupathiRayudu

    My interview Experience at Vancouver(Feb29th Wednesday)

    Are you on EVC model? Did they call your employer manager or your client manager? If they called your client manager, did they ask anything about employee-employer relationship or just whether you are really working at client location? Thanks in advance. Thanks h1bxplorer
  12. ThirupathiRayudu

    Visa approved - Vancouver - March 13th

    Hi Shruthi, Are they not asking about the employee-employer relationshsip? Did your client letter say anything like..your employer controls your work etc? Would it be possible for you to provide your email id? I am also on EVC model and I have my appointment on April 10. Thanks in advance. Thanks h1bxplorer
  13. Congratulations :) Would it be possible for you to let me know the web site to register the appointmnet? How much ahead of time we should book the appointment? Thanks in advance ... Thanks Thirupathi Rayudu
  14. ThirupathiRayudu

    Tijuana visa stamping on dec 5th & 6th

    Hi Guys, Hope all of you got your visas stamped without any issues. Could you share your interview questions here? This would be a great help to people who are planning to go for visa stamping in the near future. Thanks Thirupathi
  15. ThirupathiRayudu

    H1b Appointmnent Date in Vancouver dusring Dec 2nd or 3rd week

    Hi Ram, What is the website you are checking for the available dates? I am planning to attend in Feb 1st week. How much in advance should I book my appointment date so that I can get the date in Feb 1st week? Thanks Thirupathi
  16. ThirupathiRayudu

    Succesfull Visa Stamping on Nov22nd, Tijuana Mexico

    Hi Sai, Congratulations .. :) When the VO asked for Tax returns, you said you submitted last two years tax returns. Did you have only two years tax returns or you just gave him two years tax returns even though you had more? Would it be possible for you to write the reason (here) you explained the VO when he asked "Why did you come to Tijuana all the way from NYC?" Thanks in advance. Thanks Thirupathi
  17. ThirupathiRayudu

    Visa appointment on December 6th @Calgary

    Hi All, I am planning to take appointment in one of the consulates in Canada (may not be Calgary) in January. How much ahead of time, I need to book the appointment date? When we take the appointment, should we submit all the documents or we should carry them and submit them on the day of interview? Thanks Thirupathi