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  1. Hi , I had my GC interview just 2 days before my 2nd anniversary . I got it approved now and it says conditionally approved . As we are married for 2 years i thought it will be unconditional . Is it something we can appeal to get this changed to get 10 year card or do i need to wait till 3 months before the GC expiry to apply to remove the conditional on greencard. Thanks
  2. vinodhts


    Hi , I'm a US Citizen and widower .I'm living with my GF who is on visitor visa for last 3 months in USA . I'm planning to go ahead and marry her. I have 2 kids and she has 1 kid from her previous marriage . I'm curious to know if there is any legal issues with respect to immigration and marrying someone visiting USA on temporary visa.Also how to sponsor Green card and wondering how much it is going to cost me too.( approx figure will help to plan) Thanks everyone .
  3. Hi , My friends H1B got rejected and his son is in 11th grade and since schools in India already started 2 months back getting admission in schools will be very difficult. He is ready to leave his sons in USA if there is any visa for 11th grade students available.He is going to school in NY from 9th grade . Please suggest. Thanks, Vinod
  4. vinodhts

    Masters in C.SC or IT needed?

    My friend is a mechanical engineer with 10 + yrs of experience but working for US company on Full Time basis . When he went for stamping they gave him that 221g but got it cleared in a week . Now with every day rule changing you can get Masters in Computer Sci from US too. Just to be on safe side. Also it will help you to have a masters from US university anyway
  5. Good you have Canadian PR . Move there , settle in border town , find a job in near by US Cities . You can keep commuting. In case you need to commute every days also should not be an issue. Now with I 140 based extn in case you find a job in Canada you can take it for few years and ask your employer to file H1 based on I140 approval and come back to USA . May be things will be better by then.
  6. vinodhts

    H1 B extn denied - what next?

    If you apply before you exit , you can claim Out of Cap .
  7. vinodhts

    Question regarding Layoff during H1B lottery Pick

    Try your best to continue otherwise normally some convert back to F1, I would say if you are doing try in Canada.They have better option to settle , especially for students
  8. You are GC holder and none of these petition are valid . Just ignore and go. No more validity for I 94 too.
  9. If you are a Canadian Citizen you dont need stamping , you can carry the I 797 and go to the border. In fact they will deny any appointment to US embassy for stamping. Feel free to enjoy the Canadian Citizenship benefits. You need I 94 though especially if you are applying for GC in USA , otherwise dont worry if you travel by road. sometimes they ask you for that otherwise they let you in !
  10. vinodhts

    H1 Visa Extension REF

    If RFE rejected also you can file MTR , I see many cases are getting approved on MTR filing . No idea then why it get rejected in first place. Also dont take tensions on all these. Let the baby born happily , then get the citizenship and if needed go out of country then. Make sure you paid your medical for the year upfront , so you dont get into financials issue with hospitals or treatments. If terminated also make sure you got some good medical coverage like Platinum level because for sure you know the medical expense will be high during this time
  11. If your visa already expired then you are probably not cap exempt , if not then you can apply new visa based on previous one. Also make sure you have valid I 94 to stay , If I 94 not yet expired but will expired soon , see if you can file a new Visa to continue to stay or you can file and go out of country. Not sure if you can file based on previous visa without I 140 , once you moved out of country
  12. vinodhts

    Hi1b Denied

    Better get into Canadian College , it is easy to get Permenent Resident (Like GC) after education there.
  13. vinodhts

    Master's Education after 6 years of H1B

    If you want to do Massters due to all these visa issue , go for canada.
  14. vinodhts

    H1B expires in 3.5 months and laid off by company

    I believe you need to have valid I 94 to stay in country to use the 60 days period. Otherwise you need to exit. But since you have till Sep, just switch to any company and once approved join them or file the transfer file in regular process which takes a year now to approve or make decision but you can start once you got the receipt of filing.
  15. You can leave the country but see if you can file the GC also. Til 485 you dont need to be here , even then you can file in councilor processing.But if you opt for UK the company may refuse to file GC.So get it filed first