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  1. Hi I am in same situation wanted to check if you continued with the same employer and if there was any issue you encountered later for the same?
  2. dhapi

    H1B vs. EAD Work Authorization

    Hi, · My wife is on H1B since last October and her current project might get over in 10 days. Wanted to know what is the best option to be on H1b or move to H4 EAD ( As I have my I-140 Approved ) · She had entered the country on H4 in 2012 and since we never left she doesn’t have H1B on her passport. We are planning to travel to India for 2 weeks starting Nov 18th can we get her H4 stamping done instead of H1b? Or we need to file COS for her? · Can we apply for H1b to H4 COS and EAD together before we go to India and while these are pending we apply for H4 Visa in India?