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  1. I didnt know this, Thanks.. I still need an offer letter from my previous employer , right?
  2. I've a very good relationship with the firm and they have agreed, just in case if something moves faster..
  3. Hi My Previous employer (desi consulting firm) applied for my GC process and my I140 is approved with a priority date of May 2012..the immigrant petition is not revoked and still active.. my current employer (US Bank) is not willing to start my GC process until next year. My question is 1) if the dates become current and if my previous employer (desi firm) applies for my adjustment of status , then do I have to go back to the desi firm after my EAD is approved or can I wait until GC is issued? Can someone throw some light on my situation? Vivek
  4. hi my previous employer applied for my 140 during oct 2012 and then I changed my employer..I dont have the 140 receipt number but using i140 tracker in another webiste , I was able to track down the first 9 digits of i140 .. Now the problem is How should I know if the receipt number is mine? Is there a validation that I can run just to confirm the receipt number is mine? My previous is not willing to provide me the receipt number and I am not even sure if my i140 is still active or not..
  5. Hi, My parents hold a 10 year multiple entry visa and they are currently in US and their I-94 is valid till 06/13/2013. My brother, an American citizen, wants to apply for their green card during april 2013... my question is if we can extend their length of stay on visitor visa does it any way affect their green card process? really appreciate your answers.. Vivek
  6. kimivivek

    221g Yellow Form @ Hyderabad September Tracker

    Guys/Gals, Any updates from ppl who were given 221g yellow in september at the Hyderabad consulate? No updates from me...
  7. kimivivek

    Received blank passport from VFS

    was your case number updated online at the consulate website? it might be possible that yours is till undergoing AP. call DOS once to clarify...
  8. hello everyone, Interview date : 07th sep 2011 221g yellow served asking for employer documents.. submitted documents on 23rd september 2011. my case status on Hyderabad consulate updated after 3.5 weeks of submitting documents... Any reasons why the case was not showing up earlier and got to see the status now, really appreciate your reply...
  9. kimivivek

    221g Yellow Form @ Hyderabad September Tracker

    Hins 1982, any update? My case started appearing from today on the consulate website? not sure what it means?
  10. kimivivek


    H1VISASEEKER, Can we call consulate offices? Do you know the Hyderabad consulate number?
  11. kimivivek

    Got a call from Hyderabad Consulate

    Hins1982,Anand any updates ? vipplamf, did the consular office reached you on your new number?
  12. kimivivek

    221g Yellow Form @ Hyderabad September Tracker

    any updates from ppl who were given 221g during septmeber?
  13. kimivivek

    221g @ Hyderabad - August tracker

    any updates from ppl who were given 221g during august ?
  14. kimivivek

    221g Yellow Form @ Hyderabad September Tracker

    Hins 1982 Was your passport retained by the officer? I attended on Sep 7th was given 221g with all employer related documents..submitted documents on 23rd... i am unable to track my case online....lets see how it goes...