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  1. HI All MY visa was approved in Toronto on Aug 23 2011. has anyone received their passport yet. I did not get any update from DHL. I called consulate but they asked me to wait for couple of more days. Has anyone received their visa.
  2. Visa office asked standard questions 1) how long i have been in the job 2) Job duties 3) Why did i change the job. I work for a company directly so no issues. Its better to take 2 passport pics even though DS-160 approves it. Got my visa passport back on 29th Aug
  3. kalarudra

    H1B Visa Stamping in Toronto

    Yes, got visa stamped on 22nd Aug. There is no issue. I work for a company directly. I saw one person from Cognizant Technologies who got approval. I met one other person who works directly at client got approval.
  4. kalarudra

    Canada visa for h1 stamping

    No there is no difference. You could get it just as easily. Take ur 797, employer letter thats all.
  5. kalarudra

    Visa Stamping in Canada

    Got my H1 stamped without issues on aug 22nd. If you are directly employed there are no issues. HOwever if you are subcontracting and have many layers, make sure you bring Vendor to Vendor agreements and even payments and bank statements. Many people are stuck if they are doing subcontracting.
  6. kalarudra

    h1b extension peculiar situation...pls help

    Visa doesnt matter. I-94 on I-797 is where your validity is.
  7. kalarudra

    H1B Stamping at Canada

    I got my visa approved. she was polite and asked common questions. 1)How long have you been in US 2)HOw did you get this job. 3)What does your company do 4)What is the technology that you work Make sure you take $10 or $5 sometimes you are asked to take pictures and the picture booth charges $10