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  1. xplorehari

    221g Filing by attorney

    Hi, I have a quick questin regarding my 221g.I am an FTE working for an Global IT major and recently i got 221g blue slip asking all the documents and also asking me to appear in person.When i had emailed this to my attorney(leading law firm) they mentioned that they had filed all the required documentations directly with the consulate and waiting for the response.Is this fine or i still have to appear at the consulate for the in person interview.Kindly advise??This is very time critical so experts pls advise at the earliest
  2. xplorehari

    221g Filing by attorney

    Hi Experts, Just now my attorney had updated that she cannot share all the documents that they sent to the consulate already as there are many confidential company documents.Kindly advise what should be my next steps.should i appear at the consulate for the interview with the available documents
  3. xplorehari

    221g Filing by attorney

    Hi Gopalakrishnach what do you mean by they will contact by mostly email or phone.Is it not mentioned in the 221g itself to appear for the interview.Do you mean after the 221(g) response is submitted directly by the attorneys they will contact by email or Phone??
  4. xplorehari

    221g Filing by attorney

    HI Someone please answer this can attorneys directly file response for the 221(g) just like RFE at the petition state.Kindly clarify
  5. xplorehari

    221g FTE

    Hi, I am an FTE with fortune 500 company.Eventhough i work for an client i work at my own petitioner(employer) location and not offsite.If 221g has been issued asking all the usual client related documents what should we produce also in the 221g its mentioned end client(the job site where you will actually work) does it mean that the end client is my employer itself.Is it enough if produce the Offer letter,Employment verification letter,Paystubs etc.,I am struck in india with family.Anyone in similar situation kindly advise Regards, Hari
  6. xplorehari

    221g FTE

    Hi, I dont think i am in EVC model.This is not even EC model according to the following thread. http://forum.murthy.com/topic/48061-fte-vs-ec/ According to the above thread i am FTE.Even in my 221g they had requested me to produce the documents between my petitioner and end client(the job site where you work) which is again my petitioner. Also in my petition its clearly mentioned i dont work offsite which clearly explains the above case. Can some experienced ppl respond to my queries please Regards, Hari
  7. xplorehari

    221g FTE

    Experts kindly advise
  8. xplorehari

    H1B 221(g) CIL & Position availability query

    Hi, I am also in the same boat.search.mainframes did you attend the interview again with those letters?
  9. xplorehari

    H4 Stamping

    Hi, I am on H1b which will expire on Feb 2018 and i am getting married on June and planning to do the stamping for H4 for my wife in July first week of 2017.Following are my questions 1)Is it ok to go for H4 stamping with just 6 months of Stamp leftout in Principal H1b holder 2)Should i join my spouse during visa interview on safer side considering the stricter rules these days... Regards, chetan
  10. Hi, Yesterday I landed U.S and in the POE the officer had keyed in my old expired passport number for the I94 details.Today when I checked online with the new passport no i94 details are not displayed however it displayed the correct details with the old Passport Number.Is this an issue in the future.Is it better to get it rectificed by getting appointment from CBP?.Kindly confirm this please as it is very urgent for my I9 details Regards, Hari
  11. xplorehari

    L1b Query

    Hi, My L1b visa(first term) is valid till Apr 27th 2013 and my i-94 is valid till March 2014.Now i have to to travel to india for my marriage in Jan and return back by Feb.I have the following questions below: 1)Can we travel to U.S back with just 2-3 months validity of visa stamp.If so is it mandatory should we show that the extension being applied or it is fine to apply after that as well 2)Will there be any problem for my wife's L2 stamping assuming only 3 months validity is there on the Visa. 3)Incase if i get my I-94 for 3 more years after entering back and the same case with my Wife L2,Can we process the L2 EAD based on i-94 validity or the visa validity is required for processing the same 4)As there is lot of rejections on L1 these times i am trying to avoid the new stamping.Is it better to go for a fresh stamping after Apr and return back so that there wont be any confusions.. Someone please respond...
  12. xplorehari

    L1b Query

    Hi Someone Plz respond to the queries plz
  13. xplorehari

    I-129S of L1-B visa is not stamped

    Hi XINU, I have a similar case.I think one of the stamped copy i had was collected by officer at the POE.Now i am going to india for my marriage in Feb.Kindly let me know the procedure for me to recollect the stamped copy.Also i had my L1b stamping in Singapore.Can i drop the copy with the letter in Bangalore or it should be only in the consulate from where we got the samping from.It would be helpful if i could connect with you.My email id is xplorehari@gmail.com Regards, Hari
  14. Hi Rajkiran, I am also in the similar situation.Did you travel to india and came back.Could you update please or mail me at xplorehari@gmail.com