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  1. kh_aaryan3

    Green Card for Parents

    Anyone :) ? Appreciate input!!!
  2. All, After getting great help from this forum , I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Murthy Forums. Many doubts were clarified here! Now I would like to ask some questions for my parents GC process: I was reading online documents checklist. So questions I have is: 1) They do not have Marriage Certificate? How should that be handled. 2) During their Medical what happens as they have many pre existing conditions like diabetes and age related etc. 3) Not sure if its needed but they do not have Birth certificate either. 4) Is it a good idea to file Parents Green card as AOS while they are here Visiting us? 5) If Yes for question 4 - they cannot Travel outside the country till they get GC. correct? 6) or when we file and they are in India - can they come to US in between on visitor visa? They have visited US 3-4 times on visitor visa. ANy document checklist ot helpful links are appreciated! Thank you very much again!
  3. kh_aaryan3


    I followed this forum too from many years and got my citizenship few days back!! Thank you very much to Murthy Forums and advising staff and contributors!
  4. kh_aaryan3

    Traffic Citations

    I just said Yes to question 23. In my interview they asked and I explained traffic tickets and were paid off. Went smooth and they know it- its common. In details section I also mentioned approximate dates and explained tickets were paid off
  5. kh_aaryan3

    Online N 400

    Thanks! Yes it was below $500
  6. kh_aaryan3

    Online N 400

    Okay- Online I answered Yes for question 23 for traffic tickets. I did not live in all states where I got tickets. I had one driving record report which I attached. Do I need to get driving records from all states from where I got traffic tickets(even the ones where I did not live)? If yes - how do I approach the states where I did not live. Thank you very much!
  7. kh_aaryan3

    Travel Records for N-400

    FOIA took about 10 months for me few years back!
  8. kh_aaryan3

    Online N 400

    Thank you! I think online has same question as well.
  9. kh_aaryan3

    Online N 400

    Is it good place in online application for Red Light tickets/speeding tickets: Moral Character<Crimes and offences Have you EVER committed, assisted in committing, or attempted to commit, a crime or offense for which you were NOT arrested?
  10. kh_aaryan3

    Online N 400

    I could not understand where to enter speeding or red light tickets in online application for citizenship. Appreciate any input.
  11. kh_aaryan3

    Submitting N-400 Online

    Same question here: Understood online application will be separate for husband and wife. Seems like manual will be better so that appointments come together. How about my 7 year old son? Does he require a separate application (online or manual)? Thanks in advance!
  12. If my wife and I are partners in company but get salary on W2 - as well as profits from remaining part-should we mention it employment or self employment in citizenship application? Appreciate!
  13. You may also request entry and exit report from US (It's call ed some freedom act and I replied long time back)- . It also took 8-10 months at that time. You can cross validate US entry with Canada exit. However not sure if you can wait that long for report to come ( or hopefully US borders processes it faster now)
  14. kh_aaryan3

    Citizenship country changed

    thank you very much!!
  15. kh_aaryan3

    Travel outside US for 3 weeks

    Thank you very much! Just in case- If I miss(on travel) what is the procedure then?