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  1. Hi All, I recently started a new job but I am also member of my company through which I have income. Before starting new job , I was doing contracts thru my own company and running payroll (same case for my wife) I still own company and have income in it. I will be eligible for citizenship very soon. 1) Should I continue payroll in my own company as well? If Yes, I list 2 jobs? 2) Throughout should I call it "Self Employment"? I had payroll, W2s and dividends from my company. 3) If I stop my payroll- DO I still list my own company as employer or self employed since there is income and I will take dividends? 4) My new Job is remote in another state- I work from home. So which address should I give - my home or their head office in another state? Thank you very much in advance!
  2. Hi , I got my GC through my employer and wife and kids as dependents. We are eligible for citizenship after 4 years 9 months. I want to hold off. Can my wife and son go first for citizenship first? If yes, any concerns that why they are applying first? Also after first entry on GC- we all were out of country for almost 3 months. But then in US 99%. Any concerns there? Appreciate your input!! Thanks
  3. All, I got my GC through my employer by Consular Processing. After coming to US worked one year with them- I went to self employment with my own company(On payroll). My wife also works through same company on payroll. I am expecting a full time offer soon from another employer. Still my company will have revenue to run my payroll. I will be eligible for applying citizenship in May 2017. questions are: 1) Starting new job in March and applying citizenship in May - will it cause any issues? 2) If I also continue to run payroll from my own company(meaning 2 employers on paper)- any concerns? 3) In general any concerns due to mostly self employment? Have all W2s etc. Thanks for your response!! Akhil
  4. Thanks for ideas! What type of structure will be favorable S Corp or C Corp?
  5. Thanks! I understand that I cannot buy Agriculture land in India.
  6. Hi All. I could not find an appropriate section so I thought I will start here. I am on Green Card and 2.5 years to go to citizenship for family. One son is dual citizen(Canada, US), One Canadian and Wife has Canadian citizenship by naturalization. I have Indian citizenship. I was curious about the strategy if we with family live in India, with atleast my wife or I getting US Citizenship. But I am not sure if we both should get bearing in mind the tax consequences of world wide income. I have a company here (LLC) with both husband and wife working as consultants. I hope to continue the same while in India(some travel to US might be needed). I may continue to expand consulting business or start new one in India, depending on situation. Canada won't tax you on world wide income but US does. So what could be the best scenarios that both of us take citizenship or just one(me or my wife?). Are there any references to people and their stories who did something similar or any advance planning required? Appreciate your input and thanks in advance! Aaryan
  7. Hi All I got my GC thru my H1B employer by CP while I was in Canada.I worked for my employer 3 + years before leaving for Canada and worked 1 year after coming back to US. Before moving back to US, we all applied for Canadian citizenship. My wife and son (US born citizen) and my wife (Indian passport) got Canadian citizenship recently.However my case I did not appear for test. My goal is to have dual citizenship for my wife( 3 years away from US, currently on GC here) My questions are: 0) Should I withdraw from Canadian citizenship officially? As I did not appear for test it defaults to withdraw as per my understanding. 1) Does my wife need to update here in US her change of citizenship?And where? 2) I understand she has to give up Indian citizenship withinin 3 months, but I heard OCI process may take upto 3 months(before that she needs to get Canada passport , ~ 30 days). But we wanted to travel to India in December. So is travel not allowed on Indian passport anymore? 3)Will there be any impact of US citizenship due to her Canadian citizenship? 4) By marriage and by living with Canadian citizen , I will be entitled to PR of Canada even though I may not renew it. Any complications for it? Sorry for lot of questions . Appreciate your help and thanks in advance! Aaryan
  8. Thanks!!
  9. Hi I got my Green Card thru consular processing in EB2(Employment based) I moved from Canada after applying my citizenship in Canada(I was on PR in Canada) Decision may take around 2 years . Currently I am citizen of India. I know many people who are dual citizen of US and Canada. My question is: 1) If my citizenship of Canada approves , will there be any impact on applying US citizenship? 2)If my citizenship of Canada gets rejected, will be any negative impact of US citizenship application? Appreciate your response! Aaryan
  10. Thanks a lot Omshiv/JoeF I started on job with my GC employer on Aug 2nd 2012 (went back to Canada to work remotely) and in US sinc3 Nov begining. So by end of April it will total 9 months , 6+ months in US with same employer. Aaryan
  11. Hi JoeF Thanks for reply! Sorry I did not understand about Fresh Notarized job offer? I got the fresh job offer when I went for immigrant visa interview. After that I am working for same employer for about 8.5 months. Is that time period safe/sufficient to transition to new employer/new skills with IT/Software? Appreciate! Aaryan
  12. Hi All, I know its a cliche question but most people get their GC trhough 485 process. I got mine thru consular processing so I want to discuss before making a decision. I worked with my current employer from March 2006- Aug 2009 and in Aug 2009 moved to Canada. I got my GC and worked with same employer from Aug 2012 to Current ( 8+ mnths now). 3 months however I worked remotely from Canada itself. I am getting some intersting offers and want to switch employer and my career path. So working for same employer for 6 months in US, 3 months remote , total of 9 months under consular processing GC is good emough time? Appreciate your input! Aaryan