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  1. There is no wait time. You can apply as soon as you get here.
  2. megh_2088

    H4 visa stamping in Canada (Quebec city)

    How was your experience?
  3. megh_2088

    H1 H4 H4ead extension filed (PP)

    Hello, can you provide details like application center, New/Renewal, received date?
  4. megh_2088

    H4 visa stamping in Canada (Quebec city)

    Hello, I got my H4 stamping in Quebec City twice. There's no separate appointment for bio metrics there. Everything will be done on the same day. Just take all the documents with you and make sure you have the latest photo on DS160 and take the same photo for the interview. I got my passport very next day both the times (my interview was on Thursday). Quebec City is very beautiful and lots of good restaurants. All the best for your interview.
  5. megh_2088

    H4 EAD filling dates

    Go out of country get H4 and file H4 EAD.
  6. megh_2088

    H4 EAD Timeline

    Hello, I just wanted to know the timeline of H4 EAD approval at Vermont Center. Did anyone receive approval recently?
  7. megh_2088

    Should passport be renewed before going for Visa Stamping ?

    You can only renew your passport 6 months before your current one expires.
  8. megh_2088

    H4 and H4 EAD Extension

    Just an update. I got my H4 extension done in Canada on April 25th. Thank you answering my questions.
  9. Hello, I was in similar situation where my H4 visa was expiring in September 2019 and my husband's extension was approved until 2021. Instead of applying for my H4 extension here I went to Canada last week and got my extension done. Hopefully the processing time for H4 EAD changes from 120 days to below 90 days.
  10. megh_2088

    Visa Stamping in Canada - DS160 Question

    Thank you so much for your response. My interview is on Thursday 25th April and they are closed on 4/19 and 4/22. I am not sure if they will be able to update my profile in time for my interview. I will email them explaining my situation. Can I attend the interview with new DS160 without my profile being update with the new DS160 number?
  11. Hello, My visa interview is scheduled for next week in Canada. I am unable to retrieve the DS160 (not submitted and not filled) used to book my visa interview. Can I create a new DS160 and use it for my interview? Website instructs to cancel the appointment and reschedule it if I want to update my DS160 number there. Can I take my new DS160 to interview without updating my profile online? Thank you
  12. In this case can just H4 applicant go out of country and get their extension stamped? or both H1 and H4 should go together?
  13. megh_2088

    H1b to H4 change of status

    You can do it on your own. Processing time for COS is 9-11 months. Its better you go out of country and get your H4 stamped and apply for EAD if you can. Saves time.
  14. megh_2088

    H4 and H4EAD

    How long did it take for your petition to get approved?
  15. megh_2088

    6 Yr H1B expired - Stamping H4 in Canada

    Hello, I was in similar situation as yours. I went to Canada and got my H4 stamped before my H1 got expired and applied for my EAD as soon as I came back. I also withdraw-ed my COS H1toH4 and EAD petition before applying for EAD.