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  1. arjunmca

    Canadian PR from India applying for H1B

    First of All, dont loose your PR. Get the Canada citizenship, then try for H1. By the way i want to talk to you. Please keep in touch @ mca.arjun@g****.com
  2. arjunmca

    H1B Visa interview at Hyderabad consulate (EVC)

    @shashineela Try your luck by applying with another employer. Your old petition takes year or more for reaffirmation. My case was pending since Sep 9th 2010 (17 Months). They neighter approved, nor rejected. whenever i contact them for status, they reply that my case is under process. Same response since 17 months ( More than 100 times). So better luck next time. By the way, who suggest you to go Hyderabad consulate?
  3. arjunmca

    No Rejection Letter from US Consulate

    Hi Attorney5, My case has been pending since 17 months. I had interview on Sep 9th 2010. They issued 221g yellow and asked me to submit few documents. I have submitted those documents immediately. Since then my case has been pending. Consulate neighter approved nor rejected my case. Whenever i contact consulate for status, they say that my case is under process. Every time same reply. How can i approach them? Thanks, Arjun.
  4. arjunmca

    2nd attempt for H1b Visa

    Hi, Did they issued rejection letter for first 221g or is it still in admin process? I went for stamping on Sep 9th 2010. They issued 221g yellow on the same day and asked me to submit the documents. I have submitted the requested documents, but no response since that day. Whenever i contact the consulate, they say that my case is under admin process. Since 17 months they are saying the same reason. What should i do?
  5. @ ALittleBitOfLuck, After how many months later you got response from consulate. What did they ask. Mine is pending since 16 months. Keep in touch.
  6. To ABitOfLuck, Hi, After 2 years consulate contacted you? Did they asked you to submit the passport? You would have replied to them, atleast you can understood what is ther intension. Keep in touch in mca.arjun@gxxxx.com
  7. Hi congrats for getting the visa. How long your 221g lasted? How did you change employer from india. Even my 221g pending since 16 months. Consulate neither approved nor rejected my case. Its still pending, whenever i ask for the status, they say that my case is under process. I am looking for an employer who can file h1b for me. Can you ask yr employer for filing of h1b to me? I have 9 years experience in .Net and Sharepoint. I had worked in US for two years. As you know, I am a H1b cap exempt. Thanks, Arjun.
  8. Hi, This is Arjun, have 9.6 years of experience in Sharepoint, C#, ASP.Net, SQL server. I was in US for 2 years on L1 visa. Recently an Employer filed H1b, and got the approval. But my visa is pending at consulate more than 6 months. So i would to file again with a different employer. Could any one give references of employers ? My email id is mca.arjun@g****.com Thanks, Arjun.
  9. Hi Joef, Pontevecchio, My case has been pending since 16 months. I went to Hyderabad consulate, India for interview on Sep 9th 2010. When ever i contact them for status, they used to reply as its under process. What should i do now?
  10. arjunmca

    14 Months and more waiting

    Hi Raghavapudi, What reply you are getting when you contact the consulate. I dont think i will get visa. Almost 15 months over.
  11. arjunmca

    14 Months and more waiting

    Hi, I have been waiting for my case status since 14 months. Please share the details if any body waiting. Interview Date: 9th Sep 2010 - 13 Months.
  12. arjunmca

    14 Months and more waiting

    @tejalks Hi thanks for the response. What is FB 221g forum. I am not in that forum. Could you please send me the link.
  13. arjunmca

    14 Months and more waiting

    Tejas, Forumman, I have been waiting since 14 months. My interview date is on Sep 9th 2010. Whenever i contact the consulate they are saying that my case is under admin process. They are neither approving nor rejecting the visa. What should i do? I have called DOS. They are asking me to contact the consulate for result. Please suggest me how to get response on my case.
  14. arjunmca

    14 Months and more waiting

    Hey, Please post your case details if any body waiting for long time.. I have been waiting since 14 months. I have sent so many mails. They neither reject my visa nor approved. We should i do ?
  15. arjunmca

    14 Months and more waiting

    HI VGK, Critical H1B, Thanks for responding. Have you asked consulate that, what admin process is going on your case. Did you checked your employer that, is he got any call from consualte? Is your Client verifified for Job offer. Critical H1B: Still how long yr i-797 valid. You guys still have hope on getting H1b Visa. What do you want me to do.
  16. Could you explain what is visa waiver. How to enter US with visa waiver.
  17. arjunmca

    221g Yellow Form @ Hyderabad September Tracker

    HI, I have been waiting for my status since 13 months. Still no response from the consulate.
  18. arjunmca

    New H1B after 221g

    If your previous visa rejected, what is there to withdraw. You can straight way apply for New H1. If your case is pending for a long time, if you want to file new H1, then you can with draw. But in your case, visa is rejected. So you dont need to withdraw. File for new petition.
  19. arjunmca

    An weird situation to apply for visa

    Three Optioins to you. 1) Dont come to India and avoid stamping 2) Visit india and go back to US before your cureent visa expires 3) Go for stamping to Canada.
  20. Did you submitted any documents?
  21. Paying full fees means how much i have to pay. Is that visa fee around Rs.7500/-? Or some thing else i have to pay.
  22. Hi, I have attended interview on Sep 9th 2010 and 221g yellow form was issued. I have contacted consulate, VFS, DOS many times. Everytime i got the response as it is in admin process. Today i come to know that 221g is valid for 1 year only. If 1 year completes, 1)Is my petition still valid? 2)If yes, can i contact consulate for status with the same case number? 3)If not,what i have to do now? Murthy law firm & experts could you please suggest me. Thanks.
  23. HI Experts, please respons on this thread. What if my 221g expires. I have been waiting since 11 months and 18 days.
  24. arjunmca

    Visitor visa to H1B

    yes, you need to come to back to india for stamping for both h1 and f1