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  1. arjunmca

    Am i out of status with two I-797s

    Hi Itsmeusa, Thanks for the response. But some other guys are telling differently. I knew that they are telling only am unemployed and they are not telling my status is valid with employer B I-797. Please look at the below link. http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/53175-h1b-out-of-status-causes-greencard-problem/page__fromsearch__1
  2. Hi JoeF, Thanks for your response. Forget about Greencard. To get status what i have to do immediately? Is there a way to get status with Employer B I-797?
  3. arjunmca

    Am i out of status with two I-797s

    Thanks for your response. Some one says that even though i have employer B's I-797 valid petition, i will be out of status, because employer A's terminated me. Either i need to transfer employer A petition to employer B( New petition) or need to go out of the US and get stamped with employer B petition and enter into with employer B I-94. How many days it will take to cancel employer A petition in the USCIS from date of termination.
  4. arjunmca

    Successful Stamping @ Hyderabad on Nov 8

    Hi Vasu congrats, I heard that one can collect passport on the same day evening. Have you asked VFS people to collect it?
  5. arjunmca

    Chances of Stamping on EVVC Model

    Dont go for stamping until you get the green card. What is the need for coming to India. Many people struck here with EC model, you are on EVVC model and planning to go for stamping. Dont go for stamping. Many people are postponing their marriages also due to visa rejection issues.
  6. Hi, I have filed H1b in June 2010, got approval for 3 years, went for stamping to Hyd consulate. Issued 221g yellow form and put case under admin process for more than a year. Then my employer with drew the petition. My question is, if i file a new H1 now, do i need to wait till Oct 1st to travel or i can travel immediately as soon as i got visa? Thanks, Arjun.
  7. arjunmca

    Visa Stamp outside of Home Country

    There is no rule as one must go to home country for stamping. But dont come to India for stamping, hundreds of people got 221g and visa rejected. Go to Canada vancouver or ottawa.
  8. arjunmca

    Stamping Location Query

    @givemyvisa Hi, i got 221g and it is pending since 18 months. Many people are suffering with 221g and it is not cleared in 2 months. So i suggest you go to Canada for stamping. Dont come to India for stamping, definitely you will struck up here. go through the below link http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/35241-stamping-location-query/
  9. arjunmca

    Stamping Location Query

    Hey, I am honestly suggesting you that dont come to INDIA. Many people are suffering with visa rejections even though they have genuine jobs. Is it your marriage or cousin marriage. If it is your marriage please postpone. IF You dont care about going to back to US then come to INDIA for stamping.
  10. arjunmca

    221 g in Hyderabad for H1 visa stamping

    You are lucky to have your passports back. Normally in your situation, they would have hold passport until your old visa expires, and would have rejected your visa with new employer. Finish your task in India and go back to US as soon as possible before october 2012.
  11. Hi My visa was rejected and petition sent back to USCIS. I dont want to wait till it reaffirms, so i would like to file a new petition. But i dont have a copy of i-797. I didn't take the copy of I-797 when i went for stamping. Visa officer issued 221g and hold my I-797 with him. After one and half year they told that my visa was refused and petition sent back to USCIS. I would like to file new H1 and i dont want to come under 2012 H1b quota. My employer also not having that copy and he is not helping me to get it back by filing I-824 form to USCIS to request a duplicate copy of petition My Questions are: 1) Who can file I-824 for my petition? Only my employer who filed initially ( or ) any employer ( or ) any immigration attorney. 2) Can a new employer file new H1b with the old petition number ( I remember my old I-797 petition number EACxxxxxx.) or USCIS must required the copy of I-797 for exempting the H1 cap? Please suggest me. Thanks.
  12. @ashukla, Hi, Do my old employer has to revoke my old petition, if i want to file a new petition with a new employer. As you know my case has been sent back to USCIS and i want to file again. Suppose if i file new H1, and if it didn't get approved then the old petition can reaffirm?
  13. @ashukla Thanks for your response. I have the approved petition number which was generated by USCIS. With that number i am checking my case status in USCIS site. My case also sent back to USCIS for reaffirmation. Have you got any response from USCIS, how much time it takes for reaffirmation?
  14. arjunmca

    Case not sent to USCIS

    Hi All please suggest me. My visa was rejected and petition sent back to USCIS. I dont want to wait till it affirms, so i would like to file a new petition. But i didn't take a copy of i-797 when i went for stamping. My employer also not having that copy and he is not helping me to get it back by applying I-824 form for requesting a duplicate petition I dont want to come under cap. All i have is old petition number EACxxxxxx. Can my new employer apply with only petition number for not coming under cap or we must submit the copy old I-797. Please help me.
  15. arjunmca

    Case not sent to USCIS

    @svikram12 Do you have your I-797 with you? If it is with you, it means your case did not sent back to USCIS.
  16. Hi, I didn't take xerox of I-797 and went for stamping. My visa was rejected, i want to file again. My employer also lost copy of I-797. So how can i get it back? Please suggest me.
  17. arjunmca

    How to get a copy of lost I-797

    Hi, My I-797 is valid till 2013 oct. Thanks..
  18. arjunmca

    Got Reaffirmation; Waiting for PIMS update; Need advice...

    Hi, My case also sent back to USCIS for reaffirmation, but i dont know when they sent back to USCIS. How long it took for your case to get the affirmation.
  19. Hi Rasheed, I didn't get rejection email. Yesterday i have sent an email to VFS about my case status. They replied that "As per consulate your visa rejected please contact your approving USCIS office". Dont know when it was rejected and sent back to USCIS.
  20. Hi, All refused visa cases sent back to USCIS for reaffirmation. I got a mail saying that "my visa was rejected and Please contact USCIS approving office" . Does that mean my case sent back to USCIS for reaffirmation?
  21. arjunmca

    Visa Interview at Hyderabad

    @rasheed, searching for an employer who can file H1b for me.
  22. arjunmca

    Visa Interview at Hyderabad

    Hi Patas, What happend to your visa? Did they rejected multiple times or pending at consulate for long time. My case is pending at Hyd consulate since 1 1/2 year.
  23. Hey, Dont know what is happening in Indian consulates. Dont come to India now. Your I-94 expire in july, not yet filed for extension. Hey very difficult to get visa. Many poeple got struck up in India since 3 years. More than 2 times h1b rejected.
  24. arjunmca

    Visa Stamping for Third time

    Hey, My visa was rejected twice in Hyd. So dont think about 6 months rule. Go to chennai, that is some what better than Hyd.