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  1. Hi Ottawa rocks, Dude i know its an old clause. but when i was replicating your saying with my case i wasn't clear. Can someone explain me what are the Odds of my visa getting approved ? Thanks in Advance. Ali
  2. Any thoughts or ideas for the above questions will be greatly appreciated. Please advice.
  3. Hello ottawa rocks, what you mean by that. Can you please be more clear. thanks Ali
  4. Hi, Here is my case and need some inputs.... I had a H1 visa interview in Toronto on April 23, 2012 for my first h1 visa stamping. ( approached embassy after 5 yrs stay in US. Initially on F1 till 2007 and change it to H1 and since then on same visa status. ) I was given 221 g yellow slip stating Admin processing. One month passed and i was following up through emails. On 24th May received an email from Toronto US Consulate asking to submit the passport for stamping. On May 31st, went to DHL center to pick up my passport and found no visa stamping done on my PP. The following week on Monday went to embassy to inquire the details and was told that my case is not approved yet and is still in further review by the US Government which is being done outside of the Toronto office. i am still waiting for the decision. Did anyone came across this type of case or have some thoughts ? Thank You Ali
  5. Hi Chanda001, Any update on your case. Even i was issued 221g yellow slip when i came to US Consulate in Toronto, CA. No updates yet. Please reply.
  6. Hi Bala, Thanks for the detail message. However i have the answer for your question. Pls see below i got 221g Yellow slip and VO didn't put any Batch # but however he stamped ( American Consulate General, Toronto Canada with interview date ) on the slip along with the Applicant name. Moreover am on EC model, working with my company since 2 yrs. And i have MS degree from US as well. Not sure what made the VO to issue 221g to me. Anyways any help to above answers will of great help again. Thanks, Shujath
  7. Hi, I posted my experience before and just wanted to get some clarifications. Like i was issued a 221g yellow slip stating Necessary Administrative processing. When asked i submitted all the requested documents. And when i emailed them about the status, i got a standard response which is below : Action on your application for a nonimmigrant visa (NIV) is suspended under section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), as amended, for further administrative review by the Department of State. We will inform you of the results of this additional administrative review by email as soon as it is completed. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any additional information on the status of your visa application at this time. Thank you for your understanding and patience. U.S. Consulate General Toronto Does anyone of you know with the above situation, how much time should i expect for processing. Because i was told at the time of interview by VO that it should take 1 or 2 weeks for process completion. Please help, this is really frustrating.. Any inputs will be considered as great help. Thanks Shujath
  8. Hello unclesam21, is irt possible to share your email. or you can email me at shujath2003 at gmail dot com Thanks Shujath
  9. Hi, I would like to start a thread to see how many of them who went for interview in Toronto, CA on April 23 got 221g yellow slip. My Experience is below. i am on EC model and the interview was fine. At end VO said there need some time for administrative processing and handed me a yellow slip along with PP. And once the processing is completed, they will ask me to submit the PP for visa stamping. The following day, on April 24, got an email from US embassy to submit the docs along with client reference number. I email them all the requested docs. I also confirmed that my client got a call from US embassy asking about my Role and responsibilities on client site. So please if anybody who attended the visa interview in Toronto US embassy on April 23 and got 221 g yellow slip. Please post under this thread. Thanks for your time! Shujath
  10. To All who are expecting the TRV in mail. It will come in 2-3 days. Just be patient. I did the same thing in Washington DC. i submitted the application in person and asked them to mail me the PP. So gave them Priority envelope. If you want to track your mail. Go with Registerred mail. But bottom line is, if there say, you got the visa, then certainly you will get in mail. Thanks!
  11. @ woody: the above statement is correct. And as long as you have a MS degree from US, your eligible to go to US embassies in canada.
  12. hola

    221g from toronto

    @ sak_h1 ext: dont worry you will get the approval soon. May be there need additional info. At what time was your interview ?
  13. @ parkerjohn03: Looks like you are also in April. i emailed you for details. my email id: shujath2003 at gmail dot com
  14. @ Naveen, when i booked my appointment. i only saw 2 open dates. April 23 & 30. Not sure if you can find any dates. But still you can try. i can reached at 312 286 7143 Thanks!
  15. All, I opened this topic to see how many of us are out there who are going for H1 stamping in Toronto, Canada. Mine is on 23 rd April, 2012. Please add your inputs so that we can coordinate. Hope to see some replies. Thanks! Shujath