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  1. Lakshma, I may be wrong but as what i know - you need not withdraw ur earlier petation to go for this h1b interview. you are suppose to withdraw the earlier h1 petation only if you going for a different visa like f1 and h4 cos the travel intent will not be clear since ur previous h1 is still pending... In your case i dont see any issues cos its same category of visa - best is check with your atteorny..
  2. victim221g_hyd

    Chennai baggage storage

    he he y not just ask them to come to ur place for interview - i mean gosh in which world r u my friend ? want to catch a 12pm flight ...he he...
  3. I cant use offensive lang here but man they S**** , Once the documents are recived by them the status at uscis will change saying documents reviced ## date and will reply of decision in 60 days ... my clock just had 1 more day he he on 28th ill complete 60 days .... my initial rejection was in 2010 OCT u do the math of the quick turn around by these folks
  4. Hi rajthewizard, Good luck to you for process moving forward . can you please share 1 info how long did it took for uscis to approve ur case after ur employer reply for NOIR ? the normal recipt says 60 days we will get back with decision so checking did the decision for reply to NOIR was made within 60 days ? Thanks
  5. Thanks Folks .. I still have mixed reactions :( ... cos though its direct client but on LCA my work location is client add . the project team is currently stationed at client site ... dont know i get a feeling for need of client letter .. lets hope for best .. Any one else been thru the same situation in past pls share ur experience.... Thanks
  6. Friends , Need some advice with my case - last year I got a 221g rejection E->Employee issue - was working in EVC Model . case sent back - intent to revoke which the employer replyed. Meantime came across another american company which has ~400 HeadCount . they do Consulting - Projects for their direct clients. I had worked with them in past they do the projects directly for their clients. I got a new H1b visa - I797 with them , they mailed me all the documents about the project- MSA and what not but no client letter .. when speaking with HR she was saying i dont need a client letter as i will be will be working on with the develpment team onsite .. i insisted but with no success according to the HR she says we have this XYZ project with ABC Client you will be working as part of our team not with Client Team - as we recruited you for the project and not the client ... ?? with the experience i been noticing here without Client Letter is no GO...?? please advice... Thanks