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  1. murthyuser123

    H1-B Stamping successful in Vancouver, BC

    congrats, I have my visa interview in Mumbai on Dec 18th, fingers crossed.
  2. murthyuser123

    ds160 employer address

    There are two diffrent fields in LCA and DS160. in LCA there is one for employer address and place where you will work. IN DS 160 too there is a filed for employer address and place where you intent to work.
  3. murthyuser123

    Visa Interview Question on LCA vs Pay stub

    1) paystub pay 2) because of annual increase in pay or promotion
  4. murthyuser123

    I-797A Original document for visa counselling

    True, you do not need the original.
  5. murthyuser123

    DS-160 Form

    There is no problem updating the same ds160 form as long as you have not booked the appointment.
  6. murthyuser123

    DS -160 Urgent

    I believe once you make changes to existing DS160 it will assign it a new number.
  7. I scheduled an appointment but now I realized I made a mistake in DS-160 form. There is a question about if there was any travel outside India in last 5 yrs and I answered yes but I am in US from last 7 yrs.Do I need to worry or I have to update the DS-160 form again and reschedule the appointment?
  8. murthyuser123

    DS 160 question

    go with what you have on LCA and employer letter
  9. murthyuser123

    H1 Approved But Passport Delay coz of PIMS

    dont worry.This happened to my family too. you will get you PP with visa stamped.
  10. murthyuser123

    Help With DS 160

    As per US visa site, It is highly recommended that the applicant fill out the form at least 72 hours in advance of their visa appointment.
  11. murthyuser123

    H1B Stamping Question

    You can also ask for an email mentioning client letter can not be provided.
  12. murthyuser123

    Made a Mistake in DS-160 form for H1B

    you cans till change the DS160 form and take the new form printed with you in the interview.
  13. murthyuser123

    DS160 Question

    No need to Add another for Travel Information.
  14. murthyuser123

    Regarding travelling on H1B with old passport stamp

    as per US visa website, In general, if you have a new petition with a different employer, you need to apply for a new visa. In certain situations (such as corporate restructuring), it may be possible to travel back with your current I-797 and visa.
  15. murthyuser123

    DS160 Help

    just keep both the same, it should not be a problem.