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  1. Don't apply for a change of status from H4 to F1 right now. Wait till you hear back about the H1b. Upgrade it to premium processing. Since you have an admit, you can just leave the country and enter on a stamped F1 visa right before classes start in August.
  2. So if there is still a chance, can I get an interim cap-gap from the university? My OPT expires on the first week of June. If I don't get a reject from USCIS by then, can the school give me an interim cap gap extension so that I can continue to work? If so, when should I send that request to the school. Your response will be appreciated.
  3. Monk1910

    Alternatives to H1B if not selected in the lottery

    What are options for L1A if the current employer has a subsidiary in the home country? Would it possible to spend a year in India and then try to return on L1A? Also, wanted to know what is the percentage of approvals for L1A in recent times. I understand that L1Bs are hard to come by off late. Yours inputs will be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Monk1910

    Currently on H4, can I start work after I-797?

    I have a question on the same lines. Would it then be advisable to apply for a H1 without COS and then come back to the US on H4 before October 1st and then apply for a change of status from H4 to H1. If so, roughly how long would the change of status take ? Is there premium processing available for that as well?
  5. Monk1910

    Change of status to H1

    Hi there, My wife is on a F2 visa currently and she is planning to apply for a H1B this year. She is planning to go to India after her H1 gets approved and wants to come to the US before Oct 1st on F2 again. 1. Can she apply for a H1B without change of status ? 2. If her H1 gets approved, can she leave the US and re-enter on a F2 visa before Oct 1st? We don't want to take a chance by going to the US consulate in India for Stamping? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks