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  1. Hi, I had a question related to taxes. I was on OPT until Feb 10, 2011. After which I had a status change to H-1B (from Feb 10, 2011). I got a H-1B visa stamp on my passport on Nov 22, 2011. I entered the US on a F-1 visa in Dec 2007 and I was a resident of India at that time. Can I use the tax benefit of the Standard Deduction on Line 11 of the Form 1040NR-EZ to reduce my taxable income? What about Personal Exemption? Do I still need to fill out form 8843? To sum up, my 2011 visa status: F-1 visa (OPT): Jan -Feb 10 H-1B status change- Feb 10 onwards H1-B visa stamp - Nov 22, 2011 Thanks in advance for your help.