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    Interview questions

    Dear all, My wife and I submitted our N400 application one week apart (she submitted first). We recently got interview letters with her interview scheduled a week after mine. We have a couple of questions (#2 is the most important one) that hoping someone could help us with: 1. Any reason why my interview is earlier than hers given she applied before? I also used to think that spouses can be interviewed together/ same day. Is that not true? 2. We are pregnant with early Feb due date. My wife's interview is very close to that date. Does anyone know if we can prepone the interviews? Are there any risks associated with it? Also we received interview schedule super quick (<3 months since application). Is that normal? Thoughts it had been taking 6+ months for folks. Any advice from gurus would be much appreciated.
  2. I tried searching for this but couldn't find a good answer. Here is our situation: 1. Submitted N400 recently. Decision time shows as June 2020 2. Our GC expires in July 2020 3. Current GC renewal time is 11-12 months. 4. USCIS recommends applying for GC renewal close to 6 months to expiry How do I reconcile #3 and #4? It seems if our citizenship doesn't come in time, we will end up with an expired GC for a while (up to 5-6 months). And my job requires frequent international travels. So would love to hear from the gurus if there is something I am missing/ any way to resolve this potential gap when I can't travel. Thanks!
  3. Thanks JoeF, pontevecchio. So I started filling up the form online, and when I say "Yes" to citation, it asks for details including exact date (MM/DD/YYYY). I just vaguely remember the first speeding ticket was in 2005-2006 for <$100, and other was in 3-4 years preceding 2012 and was less that $200. That's all I recollect - I paid both the times without contesting. In addition, I have a <$100 video enforced traffic ticket from 2011-2012. Any thoughts on what I should put as dates for these given I don't even remember the year? I don't even live in that state/ coast for the last 8+ years, so getting anything from DMV will be difficult.
  4. Gurus - I am applying for citizenship soon. Timeline to getting my GC looked like: 1. Employer 1 (E1) filed original labor, 140, 485. Received EAD. Worked for 5+ years for E1 2. Switched to Employer 2 (E2) using H1B transfer. Also ported GC process using AC21 3. Got my GC within 6 months at E2. Stayed with E2 for another 2 years before leaving for business school 4. Have been working in a different field since business school Do you foresee any complications with this change in the field of employment? Also I have couple of speeding tickets (<$200) from 9+ years ago. I don't remember either the dates or the actual amounts. How do I report these in my application?
  5. My sister is planning to visit us in the USA later this year for 3 weeks. Her husband and 2 young kids (less than 4 y.o) will travel with her. She is an investment banker in India while her husband runs his own firm; hence, very well settled with multiple properties etc. They have no intention to stay more than 3 weeks and will be paying for the trip by themselves. What documents do I need to send in this case for their visa process? I had earlier send affidavit of support etc. to my dad for his 10 years visa though he visits very rarely, but I am guessing given my sibling's financial situation, she doesn't need affidavit of support. Any help will be much appreciated.