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  1. Hello Friends. My N400 interview was on 25 July and the Oath ceremony is on Aug 7th. I am planning to visit India in November and by that time I hope to obtain the new passport and get Indian renunciation of citizenship and the visa (or OCI). Are there any restrictions? Such as minimum stay in US after Oath, maximum stay abroad etc. I read somewhere that until 1996 there were certain restrictions, Of course, filing IT returns are obligatory unless income is under the minimum threshold. I will be happy to have some comments, advices, guidance.. Thanks
  2. Hello Everyone, I consulted this forum many times and also asked questions a couple of times regarding GC and naturalisation. It has been a lot of help to get answers and also get guidance from other members posts and replies. I am happy to state, I was interviewed for naturalisation yesterday along with my wife and we have been approved. It took one year from the date of N400 application. The Oath ceremony is supposed to be in two weeks. We are resident in Colorado. We had obtained GC in Sept 2009 under F4 category. Since we were not meeting the physical presence requirement, we had to wait until 2017, a delay of four years. Now we will start the process of obtaining our US passports and OIC and renunciation of Indian nationality.
  3. Hello, I just came across your post. It took me just about 12 months to get my interview. I presume you would have already finished the process by now. If not, then you should be worried.
  4. Hello, Our interview has been scheduled. It will be on 25th July. So it took 12 months for the N 400 processing. I have two questions now. 1. Is it advisable and/ or easy to ask for a rescheduled date for interview? 2. When does the oath ceremony take place in Denver? I heard it happens the same day. If need be id it possible and easy to change the date for Oath ceremony? Will appreciate if someone can advise and guide me, as I have plans for domestic travel, on 20th July. Thanks
  5. Hello All. We applied for naturalization at the Arizona processing center on 6th July 2017. The biometrics were completed on 7th August. On 9th August as per the USCIS website, we are scheduled for interview status. We live in Denver, Colorado. Does any one has any idea of the time taken for Denver to get the call for interview? Thank you.
  6. Papan


    Thank you Pontevecchio. It seems N400 processing times are almost 8 months, these days. I was worried that applying for Naturalization invalidates the LPR status.
  7. My daughter had exact similar situation. Just wait till you obtain your US passport after that send the expired Indian passport to the Indian consulate for renunciation of citizenship and cancellation. This is necessary, as in future if you want to apply for Indian visa or OCI, they will ask for the renunciation certificate. Also note, for renunciation it is not necessary to have a valid Indian passport. In the interim, you cannot travel abroad as Pontevecchio mentioned. Indian rule requires you to give up citizenship once you acquire foreign citizenship. So technically once you have taken the Oath of Allegiance, you cannot travel on an Indian passport, there are certain penalties imposed by India in this respect.
  8. Hello, Can someone travel out of the country for a short visit after submitting form N 400. Are there any specific rules?
  9. Papan

    U.S. Citizenship/Naturalization

    Dear Attorney, I have two questions on the N400 application. 1. The maximum of 900 days is permitted outside the country in the preceeding five years. ( Each travel not exceeding 6 months or one year). If someone has totalled almost 900 days, say 800, or 750 days, is this a negative point in the approval process? Is it better to delay the application in such a case even though eligibility criteria is met? 2. If someone does not file tax return in the current year having filed all the other previous four years, will he have issues in the approval process? The reason for not filing is not required due to not reaching the income threshold. Thank you.
  10. Hello, I think you will be eligible only in July 2016, when you will have completed 60 months of continuous presence. However since there is a 10 months gap in 2013, please make sure if you have not broken the continuous presence and that the clock is set forward to 2013, before you apply.
  11. Dear Attorney, I am LPR for last 6 years. However, I traveled atleast twice every year during the first 4 years. I always returned within 5 months, so my continuous stay did not break, I think. I am now waiting for the time lapse to meet the 30 month physical presence stay in the preceding period, which I should be able to meet in the next 3-4 months. During my visits abroad, I visited different places including India. My question is whether my short visits to different countries when I was abroad for the 5 months period will be an issue in my citizenship process? Thank you
  12. Papan


    I think I figured it out. Out of 60 months, if one has to complete 30 months physical presence within US he cannot possibly be out of US for more than 30 months. The key here is the 60 months immediately preceding the date of N 400. Therefore in my case I realize I will have to allow a little more lapse of time and be physically present.
  13. Papan


    Thank you Joe for your response. I am a bit confused now. The USCIS website, eligibility requirements for physical presence mentions 30 months in the US, which I believe I will be in the next 3-4 months. But the worksheet, which I checked has a question, I have NOT been outside of the US for more than 30 months in the last 5 years, if no, then you are not eligible. I will be obliged for an explanation, perhaps need to look at the legal provisions.
  14. Hello, I am writing again after a long time. I have benefited from valuable advice from this forum. My wife and I received our GC in 2009 and our children in 2010. While the children became eligible and has already become citizens in 2015, my wife and I still do not meet the 30 months physical presence, since we frequently traveled abroad for 4-5 months at a stretch in the first 4 years. We stabilized and remained in the country since June 2014, although, went abroad this year for 66 days. We will fulfill the 900 days physical stay requirement around July/August this year. My questions are: 1. Will our frequent visits abroad lasting almost 5 months each time, be an issue when we apply for citizenship? 2, Can we apply immediately, we fulfill the 900 days? 3. Lastly, after getting citizenship, as US citizen are there any restrictions on travel, stay or taking up jobs abroad? Papan