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  1. Any updates on the 485 status online since 6/20/07? Yes, there are 2-updates. 1) In Nov-2008 , received RFE on Birth Certificates (After responding there is one LUD) 2) Again in 2011 there is an LUD Thanks
  2. Hello, please report if someone is travelling from Chennai to Houston on 29th July on Emirates. My Parents are coming first time to USA. Thanks
  3. Hurray. Green Card Approved. Received Card Production E. Mail from USCIS. ( For Me And My wife as well ) Priority Date: Jan-14-2003 Receipt Date: Jun-20-2007 Long Way, but Happy Ending. GOOD LUCK EVERY ONE.
  4. EB3-India , who ever is current in JULY-2013, please report the approvals here, which will help others.
  5. INDIA: EB-1: Current EB-2: 01-SEP-2004 ( NO FORWARD MOVEMENT) EB-3: 22-JAN-2003 (Advanced by 2-more weeks. Last 4-months EB-3 is advancing 2-weeks per month ) Good Luck Every one.
  6. denkada

    EB3 India with Dec 2002 Priority Date

    If we share somethings, we relax. No wrong in posting these things here. It won't cost us any money, or Murthy forum won't loose anything. By sharing our views here, for sure help the other people. But we have to teach ourself, " ALL IS WELL ".
  7. INDIA > EB1-> C INDIA > EB2-> 1-SEP04 ( NO forward Move) INDIA > EB3-> 08-JAN-03 (2-weeks advance moved)
  8. INDIA: EB-1: Current EB-2: 01-SEP-04 (No Movement forward) EB-3: 22-DEC-2002 (Moved 2-weeks AHEAD)
  9. INDIA: EB-2 ===> 01-SEP-2004 (NO CHANGE) EB-3 ===> 08-DEC-2002 (Moved 2-weeks GOOD )
  10. INDIA: EB1-> C EB2-> 01-SEP-04 EB3-> 22-NOV-02
  11. India EB-1----> Current EB-2----> 1-sep-2004 EB-3----> 15-Nov-2002 FYI
  12. INDIA: EB1: C EB2: 1-SEP-2004 EB3: 8-NOV-2002
  13. INDIA -> EB-2: 01-SEP-2004 & EB-3: 01-NOV-2002
  14. denkada

    NOV-2012 Bulletin Released

    EB1-INDIA ----> Current EB2-INDIA ----> 01-SEP-04 EB3-INDIA ----> 22-OCT-02
  15. Employment- Based All Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed CHINA- mainland born INDIA MEXICO PHILIPPINES 1st C C C C C 2nd C 01SEP07 01SEP04 C C 3rd 22NOV06 15APR06 22OCT02 22NOV06 08AUG06 Other Workers 22NOV06 01JUL03 22OCT02 22NOV06 08AUG06 4th C C C C C Certain Religious Workers C C C C C