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  1. seek1

    E3 visa renewal

    Your reply is inane..You need to understand the basics of how I94, visa stamp, and work authorization works...not sure if you recently moved to US.
  2. seek1

    E3 visa renewal

    Your visa will expire on Oct 16, 2018 which means your work permit will also expire on Oct 16, 2018. You are permitted to stay in the US unitl Jan 29, 2020 which is your I94 validity date. You can continue working for your employer after Oct 16, 2018 if they already filed an extension with USCIS. if they did not file an extension with USCIS and if you plan on going for consular processing in Canada then you cannot work until a visa is stamped. Driver's License always refers to your current work authorization date and not you I94 date. E3 is not dual intent so i'm not sure how your employer initiated green card process. It's very very risky.