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  1. gouthamsworld

    Client Change during RFE

    if you change your client your employer need to file a new amendment with a new LCA
  2. USCIS will randomly re open cases which they think that not completely verified when they were approved initially. keep your fingers crossed.
  3. gouthamsworld

    Issue with first name in I797 approval - H1-B Stamping

    can become an issue. Ask your attorney to raise a service request to correct that if possible.
  4. gouthamsworld

    Lost I797A

    Attorney is the best person to answer these kind of questions.
  5. gouthamsworld

    H-1B SEVIS HIT (221G)

    you should be getting your visa in 3-5 days no worries
  6. gouthamsworld

    H1B Transfer Denied, Previous Employer revoked approval of old petition

    You are ou of status now. your 60 days grace period ended 60 days after you left company A.
  7. gouthamsworld

    Multiple H1B petitions approved, longest valid

    If you are not working for Company B by law they have to revoke your H1b or keep paying you. You can still go back if H1b is not revoked.
  8. gouthamsworld

    H1-B Denial for Extension with Amendment

    Find a better employer and transfer H1
  9. gouthamsworld

    H1B Visa Stamping and Passport Expiration

    My PP is expiring in Oct 2021 i got my visa stamped On Nov 6 until Jul 2021
  10. gouthamsworld

    H1B Extension approved but amendment denied for same location

    You are Eligible and good to continue working.
  11. 1) Can you pls advise what are my possible options ? only two options get the experience letter or dont even mention company X in PERM 2) Would it be possible to takeout (not to claim) that 1 year experience with company (X) and proceed with my GC process? YES 3) Does attestation two of my colleagues (not in manager/exec positions) work ? May or May not depending on the case officer 4) is there any way i could come-out of this locked-up situation ? only two options get the experience letter or dont even mention company X in PERM
  12. gouthamsworld

    Current employer EB3 and Future employer EB2

    YES. Good Luck.
  13. gouthamsworld

    Amendment and H1b extension

    if USCIS can determine that you are working at location B with out amendment then you will have issue with extension.
  14. gouthamsworld

    LCA - Working Remote

    Yes. If you are working almost 100% remote your employer should file an amendment if your home is out side of clients MSA.
  15. gouthamsworld

    H1B Approval for ECE background

    Yes. Use educational evaluation to evaluate all the computer related courses in ECE.
  16. Me and my wife attended the h1b stamping today in Hyderabad. Both on H1b for different employers and attended interview seperately. I am In EVC model and my wife is FTE. Questions who is your employer ?(for both) do you work at client location ?(for me) who is the client (for me) what did you study ?(for both) That’s all no documents asked except PP. Visa Approved. Thanks Goutham
  17. gouthamsworld

    221g on both H1B and H4 can I go to H4 interview again

    can you please check your messages and contact me i need some info from you.
  18. gouthamsworld

    221g on both H1B and H4 can I go to H4 interview again

    You can either have only one you cant process both at the same time. 1. So just to get some idea how can you and your wife both apply for H4 ? 2. what was the 221g for ? 3 . is this your first H1b ? can you please explain if you can ? Thanks Gouthan
  19. gouthamsworld

    H1B filing(transfer) after previous petition revoked!

    You cant file H1b your company's attorney will do. Just explain this scenario to them and they will make a decision on how to file.
  20. gouthamsworld

    Specialty Occupation

    I doubt it . you may need more evidence to prove that your position is a specialty occupation.
  21. gouthamsworld

    H1B revocation process and different status in case history

    Two things can trigger revocation 1. Request from petitioner 2. USCIS randomly auditing previously approved cases
  22. gouthamsworld

    Apply for H1-B Extension Soon After H1-B Expired

    When is your I94 expiring? 10 day grace period means you will have an extra 10 days on I94 than the approval . If you have that you can apply for an extension by Oct 10
  23. gouthamsworld

    Company asking for EB3 to EB2, need suggestion

    But my question is if they apply for EB2 again now, it will take 6 months to get I-140 approval. So would I be required to to wait for another 6 months after its approval. No Would this whole process make me wait for 1 year to switch a job contrast to 6 months if I do not go for EB2 filing? You can switch after 6 months your PD will be your EB3 PD Is it mandatory to file as EB2, if company thinks my level is now EB-2 ? Up to the company  Does my priority date remains the same after EB2 approval?Yes Does the EB-3 becomes invalid on filing or approval of EB-2?if company revokes it  Is there any risk involved in EB2 filing like rejection? Always a chance
  24. When does your I94 expire ? Can you go back to your previous client where you were working before amendment ?