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  1. Yes You can. Informing Org B is completely your choice. Dont have to though.
  2. You are not cap Exempt.Find an employer who can file H1b for you Next April.
  3. gouthamsworld

    H1B Amendment ( one in progress filing new one)

    You can ask your employer to withdraw client B amendment and go back to Client A. No need for amendment again.
  4. gouthamsworld

    6 Year H1B maxed out - when can i reapply fresh H1B

    You need to be Out of country for 1 yr to reset you H1B clock.
  5. gouthamsworld

    I-140 RFE on University accreditation

    Ok pm me your details
  6. gouthamsworld

    H-1B extension/ I-140 withdrawn by previous employer

    Under the AC21 rule you can only port the PRiority Date. You can not use a revoked I140 for H1b Extensions.
  7. gouthamsworld

    I140 RFE asking letter on company letterhead

    Your lawyer is not 100% correct. You still have a chance to get an approval . USCIS generally requires experience letter on the letter head and thats what they consider as the primary evidence of your experience. In case where you dont have that they may consider other evidence like paystubs+colleague affidevit if you submit proof that primary evidence is can not be obtained. In ypur case if you have any email or letter from your old company denying to provide you a letter you can attach that along with couple of colleague letters (preferably who is still working there). please see the attachment from an RFE i received . And i submitted letters from colleagues along with email from my old company HR denying my letter.
  8. gouthamsworld

    Steps after H1B Transfer and Amendment Denial

    1. Should be ? 2. Should not be a problem but check with an attorney . what was the reason for speciality occupation RfE ? Whats your role in LCA ? Thanks Goutham
  9. gouthamsworld

    I140 issue

    As long as your I140 is active until June 5th you can port the date. Company B can request porting at the time of I140. Thanks Goutham
  10. gouthamsworld

    I-140 RFE on University accreditation

    I gradulated from JNTU in 2003 and all went well for me . Not submitting transcripts initially triggered all this. JNTU was a single entity whic is in existence from way before 1990’s but university garnts commission accredited JNTU Hyderabad as a seperate entity in 2008 and may be USCIS referring to this . Your attorney is the best person to decide what needs to be submitted. Thanks Goutham
  11. gouthamsworld

    Affidavit of employment from co worker for I140

    Usually USCIS will require experience letter on a company letterhead . If you are submitting colleague affidevit you also need to submit proof that why cant you get the experience letter on letter head . Thanks Goutham
  12. All you need is respective work visa in the country you are going to work from . You dont need h1b to work outside USA. Thanks Goutham
  13. gouthamsworld

    NOID for my H1 extension (Notarization from Manager)

    Did you initially submit the actual client letter or an email from manager ? what are the irregularities in the email ? Did you alter the email ? if you did not alter the email then above mentioned documents should work. Thanks Goutham
  14. gouthamsworld

    I140 Substantially Comparable Positions

    Just wanted to let anyone with similar RFE's. My I140 approved today.