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  1. gouthamsworld

    H1B filing(transfer) after previous petition revoked!

    You cant file H1b your company's attorney will do. Just explain this scenario to them and they will make a decision on how to file.
  2. gouthamsworld

    Specialty Occupation

    I doubt it . you may need more evidence to prove that your position is a specialty occupation.
  3. gouthamsworld

    H1B revocation process and different status in case history

    Two things can trigger revocation 1. Request from petitioner 2. USCIS randomly auditing previously approved cases
  4. gouthamsworld

    Apply for H1-B Extension Soon After H1-B Expired

    When is your I94 expiring? 10 day grace period means you will have an extra 10 days on I94 than the approval . If you have that you can apply for an extension by Oct 10
  5. gouthamsworld

    Company asking for EB3 to EB2, need suggestion

    But my question is if they apply for EB2 again now, it will take 6 months to get I-140 approval. So would I be required to to wait for another 6 months after its approval. No Would this whole process make me wait for 1 year to switch a job contrast to 6 months if I do not go for EB2 filing? You can switch after 6 months your PD will be your EB3 PD Is it mandatory to file as EB2, if company thinks my level is now EB-2 ? Up to the company  Does my priority date remains the same after EB2 approval?Yes Does the EB-3 becomes invalid on filing or approval of EB-2?if company revokes it  Is there any risk involved in EB2 filing like rejection? Always a chance
  6. When does your I94 expire ? Can you go back to your previous client where you were working before amendment ?
  7. I doubt it . You can only start on receipt number when you are changing from Active H1 - Another H1. in your casei dont think you can start on receipt number. You need to wait until it is approved
  8. gouthamsworld

    H1B - Travelling internationally on October 1st?

    Yes and you need to get your visa stamped to come back
  9. gouthamsworld

    H1B Transfer deinial

  10. gouthamsworld

    CAP based H1b expedite request

    Wait for the response they sent for your expedite request. With USCIS we never know when and how they will process a case
  11. Looks like they made a mistake and did not qctually mail you the notice on Aug 25 and they may have sent a mail on Sept 16 . In that case you should have time until october 16 . Ask your attorney to make sure address ia correct. 1.Usually this status means they are asking for some extensive documentation from your employer and should be replied in 30 days 2. Attorney can call them and raise a service request 3 . What i said earlier
  12. Based on my knowledge Company C attorney is correct.
  13. Not sure about choosing between H1b and STEM but in case your extension is denied you will not be under cap for next h1 so dont need to go through lottery again .