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  1. you can take your kid to the interview.... They will just ask you if your kid requires visa, if you say no, there will be no further questions... I took my 18 month old to my interview.
  2. swetha415

    Canada Visa

    you will...
  3. swetha415

    H1-B Visa Approved(EVC)- Vancouver- Jan 6

    @ Priya , here are the docs I carried 1)passport 2)I94 3)I797 4)ds-160 confirmation 5)visa appointment letter 6)Photos 1)paychecks 2)W2 3)I129 4)client letter 5)Vendor letter 6)Employer letter 7)Resume 8)Employment contract 9)residence proof 10)offer letter 11)bank statements 12) Experience letter 13)I140 14) Passport copy
  4. swetha415

    H1-B Visa Approved(EVC)- Vancouver- Jan 6

    @rohit I got my passport early on tuesday @shawnrulez : send me an email to koolsway at gmaildotcom with all questions you have.
  5. swetha415

    H1-B Visa Approved(EVC)- Vancouver- Jan 6

    I picked up my passport today in the morning.
  6. congratulations ram.u
  7. swetha415

    Canada Visiting Visa by Mail Detroit

    I've seen in this forum that for some ppl it took like 5 weeks...
  8. swetha415

    Canada visa in Detroit

    Thanks ... I went for stamping in Vancouver and I did not get my passport back yet.
  9. swetha415

    H1-B Visa Approved(EVC)- Vancouver- Jan 6

    I did not do any PIMS verification ...
  10. swetha415

    Canada visa in Detroit

    I got mine stamped this morning too :-)
  11. swetha415

    US born baby for stamping interview

    sorry , thats 19 month old not 19 year old :)
  12. swetha415

    US born baby for stamping interview

    HI , I took my 19 year old to the consulate , Me and my husband had the visa appointment at same time . They did not say anything. did not even ask about the baby as to why is he here. They just asked if baby requires visa too , we said no and they said OK . But you are not allowed to take any baby food etc inside, you can take water though , so feed him/her well before you go , so that he is ok during the interview.
  13. Hi all, First of all a bigggg thanks to the murthy forum and its contributors. The first reason I got the visa is GOD and second is you guys. Learnt a lot through this forum and I hope my experience helps others too . I had appointment @ 9:30 today in Vancouver. The visa got approved and here's how it went : I came to Vanouver last night . Me and my husband both went for h1-b visa stamping and we both had appointment at the same time 9:30 AM. I have a 19 month old son , so we took him along with us. we went to the consulate about 8:45 AM and the wait was verrrry long. The security check was very thorough . The wait was about 1.5 hr , though our appointment was at 9:30 , we went in at 10:30 . Inspite of us telling them that we have different appointments , they sent us in together. When the security chek was finally done , they asked us to go to 20th floor. Called us to one counter and got us 10- finger printed. Then the visa officer called our number, we both went together and the conversation went like this : VO : Hello , What do you do ? Husband : I am XXX and work for YYY VO : You madam ? Me : I am AAA and work for BBB VO : where do you guys live ? H : blah blah ... VO : Is this your h1-b extension for both of you ? H : Yes VO : How old is your son ? H : 19 months VO : Did you gradute from NNN H : Yes VO : And you mam? Me : I graduated from India VO : Both your visas are approved . you can get them by DHL in 3 business days. Both : Thank you sir . VO : Hold on a minute , I need to check something . (At this point my heart beat was so loud , that I was able to hear it ) He checked something on this computer . My husband works as FTE for fortune 50 company , so we were sure that it was about me . I am in EVC for a small software company. After two minutes of tension and nervousness ... VO : Mam , you company BBB has some complaints against it that they do not treat their employees fairly . Did you have any problems with it. Me : No , I am treated well and paid well. VO : This does not change the issuance of your visa , but if you have any problems please call this number . ( Handed me over a small card which explains the rights of h1-b employees) Me : So far I don't have any problem . should I be concerned ? ( I really do not have any problem with them) Vo : (Smiles) No ,It doesn't mean there is a problem with them , We just have it here even if the complaint was years old and we need to inform you about it Me : Thank you Vo : You are done here . Both : Thanks. Thats it . Not a single document was asked except for I797 and I think the VO assumed I am FTE too , because he did not ask anything in regard to if I work at client location etc. DO NOT carry anything except a credit card and some money (of course the documents). If you are going to vancouver , its better to take early appointment in the morning , the later you go , the longer is the wait . The wait is outdoors so dress up accordingly. I am not sure how it is for others but Vanouver seems to be a very good place with no 221(g)s ( atleast in the forum ) till now. So , book you appointment ASAP , because these days we never know what can happen . As everyone say ,be confident , carry all the supporting documents , talk loud and above all have faith in GOD . All the best all you guys ... I'd be happy to answer if you have any questions.... Swetha
  14. swetha415

    Any one from EVC to EC - got 221 g

    I am no expert , but EC is better than EVC
  15. swetha415

    Canada visa in Detroit

    Thank you ... yes you need to treat your spouse on h-1 as primary h1 applicant and submit all the documents accordingly . In my case , both me and my husband are on h-1 and we both had our documents separate and went and stood in the line . but the lady said since we belong to the same family , my husband can submit both the packets and I need not stand there . so, just prepare all the documentation separately and either you or your spouse can go to the embassy and give them the applications ... Hope this helps :-)